Introducing Glorious Panda Switches - Pre-Orders Open 9/4 @ 12PM CT

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August 27, 2020

Introducing the Glorious Panda

A legendary switch now available for gamers everywhere!

Introducing the Glorious Panda (formerly named Glorious Holy Panda - click here for information about the name change). 

Few pieces of gaming hardware have built a reputation quite like the Holy Panda switch. Well-know within mechanical keyboard enthusiast circles, some consider it among the best tactile switches to ever exist. Until now, it's also been difficult and often very expensive to get your hands on.

We've resurrected this once elusive "franken-switch", using the original INVYR housing tooling, upgraded materials, and an improved stem - to create what we think will be one of the best switches you've ever tried. 

Engineered with premium high quality materials, the Glorious Panda features buttery-smooth operation, perfectly tactile response - and a sweet-sounding “thock” like a song from the heavens. 

Once you try it you may never want to go back to another switch again.

 Pre-orders will begin 9/4 @ 12PM CT on and with select retail partners around the world. 

Material Specs:

Top Shell - Created from original Invyr tooling with modified Glorious branding added, using premium grade polycarbonate

Stem - New and improved Glorious stem that provides less pre-travel for the tactile bump to occur and a stronger upward stroke. Composed of POM sourced from Japan. 

Spring - 67 gram stainless steel spring with nickel plating, sourced from Korea.

Leaf - Premium grade copper, sourced from Japan

Bottom Shell - Created from original INVYR tooling, 3 pins, using premium Nylon PA66.


    1. Will this be a limited release?

    No, we plan to keep Glorious Pandas in stock indefinitely.

    2. How much will GPs Cost?

    GPs will cost $24.99 + S&H for a pack of 36 switches.

    3. Will the pre-orders sell out?

    It depends on demand. The first batch could potentially sell out during pre-orders. If that happens we will restock as quickly as possible. However there may be some time it is out of stock.

    4. How long after I pre-order will I get my GPs?

    The first batch is already on the ship on its way to our warehouses. While we can't give an exact arrival date yet, barring any unforeseen issue it should arrive sometime around the end of September/Early October. 

    5. Will GP be available internationally?

    You can order internationally through our site, or through one of our many global retail partners. We recommend checking with your preferred retailer directly to inquire about availability and ordering info.

    You can find a list of our distribution and retail partners here.

    6. What do the Glorious Panda's feel like and what makes them so good? (Glorious Panda vs Holy Panda)

    The Glorious Pandas could be described as a very snappy and responsive tactile switch. They feature a strong, noticeable 'bump' at the start of the down stroke, with a quick snap back to position in the upstroke.

    The Glorious Panda switches are notable for the smoothness of the switch action, the unique tactile response, and using premium materials. Once you press it once, your fingers won't want to stop pressing it again.

    However, of course mechanical keyboard switch preferences are highly personal for each user so we can't guarantee they're the perfect switch for you.

    7. Do they come lubricated from the factory?

    No, they will come from the factory unlubed. Many users prefer to use their own lube without having to wipe off existing factory lubrication. Its a fairly simple process to lube the switches before use.

    For those who need it, we'll be selling our own premium brand of lubricant called "G-Lube" as well. More info about G-Lube will be posted at a later date.

    8. Whats the backstory behind the Holy Panda? What's with all the dramatics?

    The Holy Panda is a switch that has managed to reach almost a legendary meme status in the mechanical keyboard enthusiast community. It has a long (and fairly complicated) backstory.

    It goes deep into the weeds of mechanical keyboard hobbyist minutia, within forums, chats, and group buys of years passed.

    To briefly summarize: Around 2016 a small company called INVYR released a limited run of a linear switch called "Panda". It was considered an "OK" switch, but it was renowned for its pretty awesome housing parts.

    Not long after, a man named Haata with a company called Input Club released a switch called "Halo". Also considered a "pretty OK" switch, it was renowned for its stem which gave it a unique tactile response.

    At some point a user called Quakemz on the site had the idea to put the Halo stem in the Panda Housing...and the original "Holy Panda" switch was born.

    Until fairly recently, you could only get a Holy Panda by buying 2 types of switches and putting them together. However, due to the lack of widespread availability of both Panda and Halo switches, they became very difficult to acquire.  

    At one point they were selling on the aftermarket for up to $6 per switch. 

    Since then a long line of clones, group buys, and other drama unfolded. If you're interested beyond that, we'll leave you to do your own research. 

    What's important to know is the "Holy Panda" has typically been difficult to acquire, expensive, and has often involved long wait times. We hope to change that with the Glorious Panda.

    9. Is this an exact clone of the original Holy Panda's?

    Glorious Panda switches are our own take on the Holy Panda switch.

    The original Holy Pandas were a "franken-switch", made by putting together an INVYR Panda Housing and a Halo Stem. The Glorious Pandas use the original INVYR Panda housing and our own improved stem. We've also made some improvements in material sourcing.

    You'll find the Glorious Panda creates the signature tactile response and sound that made a "Holy Panda" so desirable, with some notable improvements. 

    Our aim has been to make this type of high quality and sought-after switch widely available to the entire gaming community for a reasonable price.

    (We like to think they're even better than the original.) 


    For updates about Glorious Panda pre-orders and launch sign up below:


    Imagine thinking these switches are “bad for gaming.” LOL

    Gaming is and always has come down to comfort with your setup. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) scooping this up and comparing them to the Halo True/Clear setup I have on my White Ice both for gaming and typing use.

    Jonathan @ 2020-09-04 07:29:43 -0500

    uff 67g my pinky fingers will hurt

    chandra @ 2020-09-03 23:23:11 -0500

    Tactile Switches are absolutely not “much worse” for gaming. And most gamers use cheap membrane based boards, not mechanicals.

    People just insist linears work better for gaming because of theoretical differences that have no practical effect in anything demonstrable. They don’t “make you game better.” It’s all theoretical differences or anecdotal stories from people who are likely imagining it. It ultimately comes down to comfort and preference—often coming down to other factors, like spring tension or noise level. A lot of people find these “speed” linears uncomfortable and unwieldy. If you have switches you like, you can probably do just about anything on them just fine. I game just as well on a board with Black Inks as on a board with Box Navies.

    I’m really curious about these Glorious pandas. I’ve had an order of DROP pandas that’s been delayed. If I can get in on this order, I’ll probably cancel those. Not very confident in the DROP pandas after reading reviews of the more recent batches.

    P @ 2020-09-03 22:18:18 -0500

    Dont hate on the glorious pandas if youve never tried them and have only tried drops holy pandas. they are good for gaming and are much cheaper than making your own or buying from drop. These might even turn out better.

    Jaden @ 2020-09-03 19:59:52 -0500

    P.B.: yes these key switches are compatible with any 3 pin keyboard

    Christian Parra @ 2020-09-03 13:19:04 -0500
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