Introducing Glorious Forge

Product News

Apr 27 2022

The flames of the Glorious Forge™ have officially been lit!

Glorious was born out of the enthusiast spaces of the internet, and built to serve enthusiasts - no matter how much we grow, we remain dedicated to that vision. Nearly every day we receive requests for unique peripheral concepts from the most passionate members of our community.

While we want to serve our entire community, many of those product ideas are too niche or narrow to ever fit into our main product lineup. At the core of Glorious’ ethos is keeping our product line relatively simple, each item perfected to meet the needs of many. The enthusiasts have needs beyond what we currently offer.

We’ve come up with an answer - Glorious Forge™

Through this new sub-brand, we will release new, unique, and experimental products requested by our community via small-batch Group Buys. Glorious Forge Projects will span our entire product ecosystem - serving all categories from keyboards to mice to mousepads (and beyond!).

Our production capabilities and distribution network have grown to the point where we can roll out multiple projects simultaneously, quickly, and efficiently. Think of new colorways, new materials, new sizes, layouts, shapes, components, and more - the possibilities are near endless!

Glorious Forge will enable us to innovate and collaborate with the entire community. It will give fans and creators opportunities to work together with us to bring fresh ideas - incorporating art, lifestyle, cutting edge tech, and much more!

Through our manufacturing connections, product development experience, and top-tier quality assurance standards, we ensure that all Glorious Forge products are held to the same rigorous standards as our mainline products.

How it works

Glorious Forge projects will be released “Group Buy” style, meaning you will need to pre-order the products you’re interested in. Once they’ve reached the minimum pre-order quantity, we will officially put them into production. This system helps make limited-quantity runs of exciting products possible.

The progress bar below is located on every Group Buy product page. We will update it to reflect where the product is in the process so you can stay up to date!

Stage 1: Interest Check

Interest Checks (ICs) are exactly what they sound like – a way to gauge interest for a product that we are looking to move into the Group Buy stage.

· ICs will be posted on the Glorious Forge™ hub page with a clear label distinguishing them from live Group Buys.

· No money is exchanged at this stage. ICs are merely a showing of interest, not a promise to buy.

· To express your interest in a product idea, you will submit your email address via a form.

· Once enough people have shown interest, it will move into the Group Buy stage.

Stage 2: Group Buy OPEN

Products that the community shows significant interest in move into the Group Buy (GB) phase. Check out active GBs by visiting the Glorious Forge hub page!

· Similar to traditional pre-orders, Glorious Forge products have a dedicated page on our website. There, you can check out a detailed breakdown of the product, including its price and estimated shipping date.

· Group Buys are typically live for 2 weeks but the duration may vary.

· You will be charged the full amount when you pre-order a Glorious Forge product - standard shipping rates apply.

· Once the product’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) has been reached, and the GB has ended, it will quickly move into the production phase.

Stage 3: IN Production

Glorious Forge products go into production only after its Group Buy has concluded.

· You can no longer cancel your Group Buy order once the product enters this phase.

· Production takes an estimated 30-45 days, but this could vary significantly by project.

· During this phase, we ensure all Glorious Forge products match the same level of quality and consistency as our mass-produced, mainline products.

Stage 4: IN Fulfillment

Once the products have been manufactured at the factory, they will be shipped.

· Group Buy participants will be notified via email and social posts that their product is ready for shipment.

· Contact our customer support team to update your address if it has changed over the course of the Group Buy process.

· You can not do this once the product is already en route to your address from our warehouse.


Once a Group Buy is totally fulfilled, it has reached this final phase.

Customer Support & Warranty

Group Buy orders cannot be canceled once the GB period ends and the product has entered production.

Once you've received your Forge product, you have the option to return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Glorious Forge products are fully covered by our Customer Support team.

All electronic Glorious Forge products come with a 2-year warranty and a 1-year warranty for all non-electronic products.

Authorized Retailers & Distributors

Units are only guaranteed through the Glorious webstore. International partners will handle Glorious Forge Group Buys on a product-by-product basis. Reach out to them for more information when you see a new project announced on our website.