GMMK PRO Giveaway: Avatar-TLA Inspired Keyboard

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Feb 10 2023

sIGNED Avatar: The LaST aIRBENDER - inspired Keyboard Giveaway

We are giving away two keyboards inspired by the hit Nickelodeon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender! The best part? Both are signed by the cast members of this epic show.

This is your chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece of collector memorabilia!

See below for information regarding each GMMK PRO giveaway entry times, details, and more.

How To Participate:

A separate giveaway will be held for each board, announced on our social media channels.

Each person can get up to 5 entries per giveaway.

At the end of each giveaway period, all entries will be pooled, and a winner will be chosen via random number generator. Winners will be announced via our Twitter & Instagram accounts.

Entry Methods

Method 1: Follow @Glorious on Instagram, then like and comment “I'm Glorious” under each keyboard giveaway post. (+1 Entry)

Method 2: Follow @Glorious on Twitter, then retweet and comment "I'm Glorious" under each keyboard giveaway tweet. (+1 Entry)

Method 3: Order anything on our website during each giveaway period and enter one of the following codes into the promo code field at checkout (+1 Entry)


  • Dante Basco Keyboard: DANTE (valid Feb. 10 - Feb. 16)
  • Avatar: TLA Cast Keyboard: AVATAR (valid Feb. 17 - Feb. 23)


Method 4: Join our Glorious Forum and comment “I’m Glorious” in the forum topic posted at the start of each giveaway (+1 Entry)

Method 5: Sign up with your email using our Keyboard Giveaway Signup (+1 Entry)

Fire Nation-inspired Keyboard Signed by Dante Basco

Can’t find your honor? Don’t worry, we found it for you! This custom Fire Nation-inspired keyboard signed by Dante Basco (the voice actor of Zuko) is perfect for any fire bender.

Build Information:

  • Fire Nation-inspired Colors
  • Black Slate Base - ANSI (US) Layout
  • Brass Switch Plate
  • Lubed Lynx Switches (Linear)
  • Celestial Fire Keycaps
  • Custom Red Top Frame
  • Gold Rotary Knob
  • Crimson Red Coiled Cable


Entry Time:

Giveaway Start: Friday, February 10th at 10:30 AM CT.

Giveaway End: Thursday, February 16th at 11:59 PM CT

Winner Chosen: Friday, February 17th.

Avatar: TLA-inspired Keyboard (signed by cast)

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony… in the form of a keyboard! This keyboard is inspired by the four nations in Avatar: The Last Airbender, and has been signed by the following cast members:

  • Mae Whitman - Katara
  • Jack De Sena - Sokka
  • Jessie Flower - Toph
  • Dante Basco - Zuko
  • Jennie Kwan - Suki
  • Grey DeLisle - Azula
  • Cricket Leigh - Mai
  • Olivia Hack - Ty Lee
  • Greg Baldwin - Iroh
  • James Sie - cabbage merchant (My cabbages!)

This is the ultimate board, perfect for any fan of the series!

Build Information:

  • Earth, Fire, Water, & Air Nation-inspired Colors
  • GMMK Pro Flex kit in E-White - ANSI (US) Layout
  • Polycarbonate Switch Plate
  • Lubed Fox Switches (Linear)
  • Celestial Ice & Celestial Fire Keycaps
  • Forest Green Top Frame
  • Aqua Blue Rotary Knob
  • Glorious Gold Coiled Cable


Entry Time:

Giveaway Start: Friday, February 17th at 10:30 AM CT.

Giveaway End:Thursday, February 23rd at 11:59 PM CT.

Winner Chosen: Friday, February 24th.



  • No purchase necessary.
  • This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Instagram, Twitter, and/or Viacom.
  • Void Where Prohibited
  • Must be 13+ years of age to enter.
  • No employee, employee family member, or friend of an employee will be eligible to win.