Glorious Helios and GMMK Compact reviews and recommendations

Rashko Temelkovski

April 07, 2019

We already released 2 products this year - the Glorious Helios mousepad (our ultra-thin plastic gaming mousepad) and the long-awaited GMMK Compact (a 60% version of our keyboard). Both products seem to be loved by fans and gamers alike. That's why it's with great pleasure we're sharing these Glorious Helios and GMMK Compact reviews we came across in the past month or two.

Glorious Helios reviews

1. Glorious Helios Review: BEST Hard Mouse Pad?? - By BadSeed Tech

EXCERPT: "At a very affordable price, and a super simple design, does it outperform more expensive mouse surfaces?"

2. Glorious Helios Mousepad Review - By Zye

EXCERPT: "One of the only Large Hard Mousepads."

3. Glorious Helios Review! The Best Hard Mouse Pad? - By Brandon Taylor

EXCERPT: "This is an amazing hardpad at an amazing price. I think you'll be hard pressed to find anything better quality wise and glide wise for your mouse..."

4. Glorious Helios Mousepad Review - By ProSettings

EXCERPT: "The Helios Mousepad (the ‘mousepad’ seems to be part of the official name, so we’re including it) is a razor-thin pad with an adhesive base making it, according to Glorious ‘ideal for users who require a premium surface to game on, but don’t want to be bothered by a traditional cloth pad.’

Let’s see if it’s worth it."

Check out the rest of the review here.

GMMK Compact reviews

1. Glorious GMMK Compact Keyboard Review! Great Modular 60% Keyboard! - By Brandon Taylor

EXCERPT: "... and all I have to say guys is this year Glorious is not playing around at all."

2. Ducky One 2 Mini KILLER - Glorious GMMK 60% Compact Review - By San

EXCERPT: "you can remove all switches and keycaps with this keyboard. I don't know any other keyboard what makes things this easy as the GMMK compact 60%."

3. Glorious GMMK Compact 60% Review: One 2 Mini Met Its Match? - by BadSeed Tech

EXCERPT: "So even if you load this guy up with the highest in configuration they have available, the most you're gonna pay for this thing is just under 120 bucks."


Andres Triana:

I wanted to know if in the upcoming future you are planning to make new designs on the GMMK keyboards. I love your products and have strongly encouraged my friends to use the Model O due to how perfect the mouse has been for me. However, I have been really considering on buying your keyboard due to how well I have been impressed with your mouse first hand and the GMMK reviews online. My only gripe about the keyboard is the backplate, wishing there was a white option. I think the potential of this product can easily be the most sought after keyboards if there is an option for a white backplate to help the RGB pop more. If you do read this message I really appreciate it. Go Glorious!

September 30, 2019

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