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Apr 09 2017

The number of PC owners switching to mechanical keyboards is on the rise for a wide range of uses - from writers, to gamers, to people who just like to hear that sweet "clickity clack" that's missing from many modern keyboards. Most mechanical RGB keyboards come with pre-configured switches, keycaps and layouts which can be difficult to customize. This may be fine for a general user, but as avid gamers, we wanted more control.

One problem. That perfect board we wanted didn't exist.

So we put our heads together, and came up with a custom keyboard that would be the last mechanical keyboard a gamer would ever need.

The solution? Glorious. The world's first fully customizable modular mechanical keyboard.

The revolutionary Glorious custom mechanical keyboard is here!

We've all been there. It's midnight - hour 4 of an online gaming bender. Your eyes are burning. Veins running thick with energy drink. Your team is relying on you to perform. Then gradually... you realize your fingers feel like they just ran a marathon. You're messing up combos. You find yourself constantly stretching & shaking out your hands. Eventually you have to take a break - or stop altogether. You're disappointed. You didn't just let your team down, you let yourself down. 

Finally there's a keyboard that will help you avoid that path of shame - and forever game with the glory you deserve.

Low quality boards (or a good one with the wrong switches) can cause finger & wrist fatigue. This doesn't just lead to physical discomfort - it can affect performance, and potentially even cause long-term damage to your body.  Even if you haven't experienced this yet, you very well may in the future if you continue to abuse your fingers with a standard mechanical board.

Just like a marathon runner must find shoes best suited for their own feet and the races they run, every gamer should find the board best optimized for their own fingers and specific games they play. That's why we created the first-ever modular mechanical keyboard. It was designed to facilitate near total modification for maximum performance, comfort, & control. You can finally build your own RGB mechanical keyboard for any scenario. 

Our state-of-the-art Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GMMK) lets you swap out switches and custom keycaps in seconds. The GMMK supports Cherry, Gateron and Kalih brand interchangeable switch types. You can near effortlessly experiment with countless combinations - each offering a unique appearance, and most importantly - a unique feel. 

The level of modification the GMMK provides can help you find the most comfortable custom keyboard layout for your gaming style.

A mechanical keyboard packing some incredible  features

Our Glorious keyboard is armed to the teeth with fully programmable NRKO, RGB LED back lighting (capable of displaying over 16.8 million RGB color variations), double shot injection keycaps and a minimalist design for a sleek look. Its perfect for any user. We offer a pre-configured model that includes brown Gateron switches, or a barebones variation so you can choose your entire switch and keycap kit. It also comes as a full-size model, or a tenkeyless design.


The GMMK customizable switch/keycap layout for gaming and work purposes.

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The GMMK offers a near limitless amount of customization options. And its quality design will last you through millions of keystrokes. The Glorious modular RGB customizable mechanical keyboard might just be the last keyboard you'll ever buy.  

A professional gamer should treat their hands like a professional runner treats their feet - so get them the right equipment they need to thrive.