Final GMMK PRO Reservation Emails and Flex Batch Closing

Glorious HQ

June 23, 2021

Good news! We are reaching the end of the GMMK PRO Flex Batch process sooner than expected! Final order completion emails will be sent today for all remaining GMMK PRO reservations.

Beginning 10am today (Wednesday June 23rd), no new GMMK PRO reservations will be accepted on Later in the day, we will send the order completion email to all remaining Flex Batch reservation holders.


On a date TBA following the close of final Flex Batch, we’ll officially launch the GMMK PRO for regular on sale on

Once launched, the GMMK PRO and accessories will be in continuous stock on our website. We may sell out of inventory for periods of time depending on demand, in which case backorders will be activated until we can restock. The official launch date will be announced in the near future.

Reminder: If you have reserved a PRO, make sure to whitelist to ensure that any messaging from our team does not go to your spam folder. For more information regarding the order completion process, please read here.


We want to thank all of our customers for their patience throughout the entire reservation process. Ongoing disruptions of global supply chains and logistics has introduced a lot of unpredictability into all of our operations.

This product release was particularly complex, and it took a lot of hard work from our amazing team to get to this point. We’re thrilled we could get a board into every reservation holders’ hands ahead of schedule.

We will be providing updates on the official launch on our social accounts, Reddit, and here on our blog page. We will also turn on “Back in Stock” notification signups on the product page. Stay tuned!           


MS Garand :

Just received my gmmk pro and just want to let people know that the stabs are still overlubed. You want to inspect your stabs and remove excess lube or relube them before you proceed with your build.

June 30, 2021

David M.:

Meanwhile my order page had only just reflected that the order was able to be completed. Trying to complete my order and it’s not letting me. Nice.

June 25, 2021

Ciaran Frisby:

Still haven’t received the email. Sadge

June 25, 2021


Still no email?

June 25, 2021


Looking forward!!!

June 25, 2021


Will the plate tolerance issue with 3rd party stabilizers be fixed before the official launch?

June 25, 2021


hell yea

June 24, 2021

Nick Kovalik:

I just want to make sure if i’m eligible for the completion email for today (the 23rd). I’ve made the order for the gmmk pro and other items such as the switches and keycaps on the 19th… so far I haven’t gotten the email, so i wasn’t sure if i was eligible… I apologize for being impatient

June 24, 2021


Sounds great but when will the ISO version come out? 😭

June 24, 2021

Ruben Garcia:

hi im wondering when i will get my email for gmmk

June 24, 2021


Looks like the spreadsheet’s time has come to an end.

June 24, 2021

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