Battlestations - what are they?

Gamers often like browsing photos of PC gaming setups. However, what most miss is that these gaming setups are becoming increasingly known as battlestations.

Product News

Oct 15 2017

If you're a gamer, we're pretty sure you like browsing photos of other people's PC gaming setups. Oftentimes, they look nothing short of spectacular, plus they may give you an idea on what you should do to your PC next. However, what you might've missed is that these gaming setups are becoming increasingly known as battlestations, too.

Quite the amusing name, don't you agree? And yet, if you check out Reddit, you'll see there's a great definition of the term:

"Battlestations are complete desktop computer setups including a tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard, audio playback and recording devices (if applicable), and even wires/cables if desired."

So basically, you can say that every desktop setup is a battlestation of sorts. Still, there's a(n) (unofficial) tendency that the fancier the desktop setup, the closer it is to representing a true battlestation.

At Glorious, we're fans of all battlestations as long as they have that personal touch by gamers. That's why we even have our own gallery. We regularly upload photos of loyal customers throughout the world, showcasing their Glorious products and battlestations.

Wanna join the Glorious battlestation club? Then, simply email us at, or direct message us on Instagram with your battlestation photo. Meanwhile, here are a few photos that should serve as inspiration (all submitted to us by fans):