Why You Should Use a Gaming Mouse with Holes

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Jul 15 2021

If you have been searching for a lightweight gaming mouse lately, you have probably noticed a new trend: large, hexagonal holes. Mouse shells with these perforations are becoming more and more common in the competitive gaming scene. But why? What are the benefits of having parts of the top shell removed? Let's break down the benefits of these unique peripherals.

Quicker Reactions

Competitive multiplayer titles are all about extreme speed and precision. Failing to outmaneuver your enemy in a tense firefight could spell disaster if they are just a fraction of a second faster!

A lighter gaming mouse is necessary to ensure you are agile enough to hit the target as quickly as possible. Some gamers prefer heavier mice for greater accuracy, but the inability to pull off rapid movements can be detrimental.

Cutting hexagonal holes into the mouse's frame is a simple yet effective way to cut out its total weight without sacrificing essential features.

Minimal Weight, Maximum Performance

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You may wonder why not just make the overall shell thinner to reduce weight or cut down on the mouse's internals. It seems like a simple solution, right?

However, a thin, fragile shell increases the chance of catastrophic damage. And removing vital components could increase the mouse's latency, reduce battery life, and more, taking away your competitive advantage during gameplay.

Hexagonal holes retain the mouse's structural integrity without the need to cut down on other vital features. Go to a local Microcenter, put some pressure on a mouse with this design, and you will see there is little to no flex.

Better Airflow While Gaming

Admittedly, this one may be a stretch. However, we would be remiss to leave out the benefits mice with holes bring to players with sweaty hands.

We all get sweaty palms at times - it's a fact of life. Having your hand receive just a bit of airflow can potentially reduce the amount your hands sweat, giving you a better grip during gameplay.

This benefit, of course, varies from player to player, but if you tend to perspire a lot during intense gaming sessions, this may prove helpful!

Recommended Mice

Model D Wired Gaming Mice

Model O - The Model O Wireless is an incredibly lightweight wired mouse at an affordable price. It's is the perfect mouse to test if you like perforations or not while gaming.

Model D - The Model D contains the same proprietary BAMF mouse sensor found in the Model O inside an ergonomic, right-handed frame. If you prefer to maximize comfort during extended gaming sessions, this mouse is for you.

Model O Wireless - The Model O Wireless is functionally the same as the Model O, but we've cut the cord for a seamless wireless experience. This mouse's shell contains hexagonal holes for peak performance during intense gaming sessions like the previous two models.