Who Should Be Using Clicky Switches In Their Mechanical Keyboards?

Clicky switches provide excellent tactility combined with an audible click that no other switch type offers. Load your mechanical keyboard up with these switches to get the closest experience to a typewriter possible!

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Jul 12 2021

Clicky switches turn your mechanical keyboard into a typewriter. Every keystroke produces an audible click due to a tiny bar integrated into the switch's housing. Of all the switch types, clicky switches are the most polarizing. Their loud sound and extreme tactility are a joy to some users and a nuisance to others; it comes down to personal preference. This article will discuss the benefits of these switches and recommend the best clicky switch options that deserve a spot on your board!


There is no getting around it: clicky switches are loud. Plain and simple, they are just fun to use. These switches are the best example of why mechanical keyboards are different from their membrane counterparts. They kick mushiness and a muted sound to the curb to favor an enjoyable, haptic typing experience. The sound that clicky switches produce can vary wildly in tone, so we suggest using a switch tester before deciding which is best for you.

Note: You may love clicky switches, but your coworkers may not. Working in a confined space with others may not be the best environment for clicky keyboards. Their loud, rapid sound cuts through the workplace's usual buzz - just be aware and considerate!


Like their tactile brethren, clicky switches have a notable bump in their operation that lets the user know they can release the key. This satisfying feature is perfect for those who use their keyboard often for typing. The tactility combined with the typewriter-like sound makes clicky switches the ideal choice for writing the next Great American Novel or a long Discord rant. To learn more about the benefits of tactile switches, check out our blog post here.


Gateron Blues: Blues are always a safe, middle-of-the-road choice. They are not too heavy or too light to press, and they produce a medium to high tone when used. Their tactile resistance is low, allowing you to get the feedback you desire without straining your fingers.

Kailh Box White: Box Whites are unique in the clicky world. They are more similar to linears in their smoothness while retaining the audible click. The tactile bump on Whites is negligible, so finger strain will not be a problem for those who fear a heavy bump. The "box" design gives the switch less stem wobble compared to a traditional MX-style stem.

Gateron Green: For those seeking a loud and highly tactile experience, try out Gateron Greens. Their heavy spring weight is not for everyone, but many users have testified that they enjoy them for their typewriter-like operation. Unlike the Kailh Whites, Greens have a notable bump when pressed. These are an excellent switch for programmers and frequent typists.


Do you like clicky switches? What was the deciding factor for you when ordering them? Let us know in the comments below - we would love to hear from you!