What is Mouse DPI?

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May 04, 2021

Understanding Mouse Sensitivity


If you have ever looked for a high-performance mouse, chances are you’ve seen the acronym “DPI.” Most sellers will display their gaming mouse’s maximum DPI to showcase how advanced their optical sensor technologies are. However, what does that number mean? And how does DPI affect mouse sensitivity? In this article, we break down the fundamentals of mouse DPI and why it’s important to the average PC gamer.

What does Mouse DPI mean?

DPI stands for “dots per inch.” A variety of industries use DPI, including printing and screen manufacturers. In regards to mouse DPI, this means how many pixels your cursor will move for every inch you move your mouse.

For example, the Glorious Model D gaming mouse advertises a default DPI setting of 400dpi, meaning that if you were to move the Model D an inch on your mousepad, the cursor on your screen would move 400 pixels.

Using a physical button or software tool, most gaming mice allow you to increase or decrease their DPI. Manufacturers measure DPI in multiples of 400 due to how optical mouse sensors process inputs.

Mouse cursor on pixels

How does this affect my mouse’s sensitivity?

As mentioned above, DPI is how many pixels your cursor will move for every inch your mouse moves. So, cranking up your mouse’s DPI tells your cursor that you want it to move more pixels within a shorter movement distance. Thus, making your mouse feel more sensitive.

Does increasing my mouse’s DPI improve in-game performance?

We want to stress that higher mouse DPI does not necessarily mean improved PC gaming performance. It is all personal preference.

While a quicker mouse may give you an advantage over players in fast-paced games, it doesn’t do you any favors if you overcorrect and constantly miss shots. In fact, esports players tend to play on lower DPI settings that allow them to hit precise shots, relying more on their arm movements than mouse DPI.

If you crave higher mouse sensitivity, try using incremental increases in your DPI to train your reflexes and develop muscle memory.

Do my screen’s size and resolution affect DPI?

If your monitor displays at a higher resolution or large screen size, then DPI may be affected. You may need to slightly increase your mouse’s DPI to adjust to the increased overall pixel count. However, the difference is not noticeable unless your new monitor wildly varies from your previous.

Two computer screen sizes

In Conclusion

This was a brief explanation of DPI and its effect on your gaming mouse’s sensitivity. We suggest that you continue to play around with DPI to find the sweet spot that is right for you. For owners of Glorious gaming mice, you can use Glorious Core to save your favorite DPI settings straight to the mouse itself. This, paired with a physical DPI button, let you switch sensitivity on the fly. Check out our wide selection of gaming mice to learn more. 

What mouse DPI do you prefer to play at? Tell us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!



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