What Are "WoB" and "BoW" Keycaps?

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Aug 16 2021

If you frequent Reddit or other mechanical keyboard forums, you may notice the two acronyms "BoW" and "WoB" thrown around quite a bit in regards to keycaps. However, what does that even mean? Breath of the Wild keycaps?

Nope. "BoW" stands for "Black on White," and "WoB" means "White on Black." The first color represents the legend color, and the second is the color of the keycap.

Our Arctic White GPBT Keycaps, seen here on a Black Slate GMMK PRO, are an example of a "BoW" set.

These two keycap color combinations are widespread in the mechanical keyboard scene due to their unbeatable contrast and readability.

Also, their minimal nature allows them to pair with any colored keyboard case easily!

What keycaps are you using on your board? Do you like the simplicity of black and white keycaps, or do you crave something a little louder?

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