The Trident: Unsung Hero of Glorious PC Gaming

Glorious Zach

October 20, 2021

Have you ever had a friend that picks you up when you’re feeling down? Someone you can always rely on to get the job done, no questions asked? There are just some people that you can always rely on and, for us, it’s a little silicon hook thingy that kinda looks like a dude doing the splits. Let’s discuss The Trident.

Hang With Us Here

It sounds a little farfetched to call such an inconspicuous desk accessory an “unsung hero,” but just play ball with us for a second. The Trident has been a mainstay at Glorious PC Gaming since it was first released back in 2018 and has stuck around as our catalog of products continues to expand. Heck, it even predates any of our wired mice!

It’s Literally A Silicon Hook...Right?

Now, does the Trident have a patent-pending modular PCB? No. Does it feature a proprietary BAMF wireless sensor that sips battery like a skittish hummingbird? Nuh-uh. It’s a piece of silicone molded into a hook that holds your headsets, and it does a damn good job at it. In a time where we expect every product to come with everything and the kitchen sink, it’s easy to overlook the elegance of something that has one simple purpose.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

But how simple is that purpose? Let’s challenge ourselves to think past The Trident being a simple headset holder. In a time where we find ourselves physically isolated from friends and loved ones more than ever before, communicating via headset has become exponentially more common. I mean, even work requires some way of participating in Zoom meetings for those who have the luxury of working from home.

You're doing great, sweetie!

Whether you just got done laughing hysterically with your former college roommates via Discord. Finished a DND campaign your DM was dying to run through Skype. Or just presented that critical presentation you’ve been stressed about all week on Zoom, The Trident is always there for you right after you hang up that call - just waiting for you to plop your headset on it and go about your day with the confidence that it’ll be right where you left it. And for that, we cannot thank our little buddy enough.

Wrapping Up

The Titan Atlas was condemned to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders as punishment for his actions. The Trident happily accepts the challenge of carrying the weight of your world on its little silicon shoulders. So, why don’t we treat it with the respect it deserves every once in a while?

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