The Best PC Gaming Peripherals for Dominating Call of Duty: Vanguard

Glorious Zach

November 04, 2021

Another year, another duty calls. That's how the saying goes, right? Like clockwork, every holiday season features the release of a new Call of Duty entry, and 2021 is no different, with Call of Duty: Vanguard coming out on November 5th.

We are cautiously optimistic about this release from developer Sledgehammer Games. 2019's Modern Warfare from Infinity Ward did an excellent job revitalizing the franchise, delivering a beautifully detailed shooter with satisfying combat. The follow-up from Treyarch, Black Ops Cold War, felt a little less polished to us and failed to capture the feeling of freshness that MW did just a year prior.

So, we are interested to see if Vanguard will break this downward trend with its attractive WW2 setting, new destruction mechanics, and more! To best prepare for this exciting new game, check out our top picks for best PC gaming peripherals that will help you dominate the competitive battlefield with ease.

The Best Mechanical Keyboard - GMMK PRO

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, it is not a one-size-fits-all ordeal. You may prefer a speedy linear switch for making split-second decisions in a firefight. Or, you may want a tactile switch that requires a little bit more pressure to prevent accidental actions. We all play a little differently!


The GMMK PRO is the king of keyboard customizability, and it looks damn good too.

Swap Your Switches

The GMMK PRO utilizes a patent-pending fully-modular design that allows you to swap the switches in your board to find which type best suits your gameplay without the need for soldering. Prefer to have linear WASD keys, but want your macros to be tactile? That's no problem! Swapping your switches is quick and hassle-free with the PRO's included ejection tools, getting you back on the battlefield in no time.

Caps are Key

The GMMK PRO not only lets you easily swap your favorite mechanical switches but also your keycaps! Want maximum grip for intense matches? Try throwing some rubber caps on your movement keys. Looking for an incredibly durable set that won't wear down over time? Check out our GPBT line of keycaps, guaranteed to never shine or lose their legends over time. If you want something a little bolder, check out our Glorious Aura Keycaps V2 for brilliant RGB illumination.

Play Your Way

The GMMK PRO comes with Glorious CORE software compatibility right out of the box! This lightweight software emphasizes simplicity and customizability. Don't waste time fiddling with imaginary values - instead, fine-tune your board's performance and key bindings with a straightforward user interface that lets you play how you want.

The Best Wireless Gaming Mice - Model O & D Wireless

The perfect wireless mouse for a fast-paced shooter like Call of Duty: Vanguard is fast, lightweight, and reliable. You want a wired experience without needing to fiddle with an annoying cord on your desk. Our Model O and D Wireless gaming mice deliver on those aspects and more at a reasonable price, making them the perfect choice for gamers wanting the best!


Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse with its sleek, ambidextrous shape.

What's The Difference?

The Model O Wireless features an ambidextrous shape ideal for people who game using fingertip grips. Alternatively, the Model D Wireless utilizes a right-handed, ergonomic shape useful for palm-grippers. However, both can be used in whichever grip style you like - it all comes down to personal preference! Regular mouse bodies too large? Check out the Model O- and D- Wireless gaming mice for the same body shapes in a smaller form factor.


Gaming Mouse for Call of Duty: Vanguard

The Model D Wireless with its comfortable right-handed design for improved ergonomics.

Near-Wired Performance

With a name like BAMF Sensor, it has to be good! All of our mice utilize this proprietary wireless sensor that delivers pinpoint tracking precision, incremental DPI adjustment, and an up to 1000hz polling rate. This impressive hardware, combined with our Glorious CORE customization software, lets you dial in your ideal mouse speed and sensitivity to hit shots like a pro.


Insane Battery Life

When you are binging Call of Duty: Vanguard matches with friends, there is nothing more annoying than having to take a charging break. Luckily, the BAMF sensor found in the Model O and D Wireless sips battery like a Speed Cola, making these mice absolute juggernauts compared to the competition.

With RGB off, you can reach up to 71-hours of battery life on a single charge. Topping up is a breeze with their provided Ascended USB-C cable that doubles as a wired paracord, getting you back into a match with minimal delay!

The Best Mouse Pad -  Ice Elements Mouse Pad

Throwing your state-of-the-art wireless gaming mouse on a slow mouse pad is like trying to win a hardcore SnD match without your best loadout: you're only hurting yourself.

The Ice Elements Mouse Pad is an artisan pad with a glass-infused surface for a uniform X/Y action, meaning more time fighting the enemy and less time fighting your mouse. Combining this mouse pad with a Glorious wireless mouse and your favorite sniper rifle spells gg for the enemy team.


The Ice Elements mouse pad features a wonderfully quick, yet precise, laminated cloth surface.

Make Room

The Ice Elements pad measures 17x15in (38x43cm). This gives you plenty of room to flick, drag, and more without worrying about running off the mat. Its grippy rubber base will make sure that even during the most intense firefights, this mouse pad stays precisely where you want it!

Speed Meets Control

The laminated, glass-infused surface of the Ice pad offers incredible speed and control over traditional cloth surfaces. Just one swipe, and you will feel your mouse glide effortlessly. However, this blazing-fast speed does not sacrifice precision and control, which is essential for pulling off insane shots that are sure to make your friends envious!

Wrapping Up

Like in Call of Duty, heading into battle with the most optimized loadout is essential for victory. Let us know in the comments below if this list helped your buying decision - we would love to hear from you! Also, tell us what your favorite Call of Duty entry is in the long-running franchise. As you can tell, we are a little biased towards Modern Warfare 2019, but there are so many to choose from!

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