The Best Computer Mice for Kids (2021)

Glorious Zach

December 07, 2021

Back in the day, children aspired to be astronauts, teachers, lawyers, and doctors when they grew up. However, the age of modern technology has added new dream jobs to the list, including professional YouTuber, computer programmer, video game designer/tester, IT, and more. So, getting them involved in their passion at an early age could better prepare them for reaching these lofty goals as they continue to grow and learn.

The best way to start is to outfit them with equipment that best suits their needs. The average computer mouse is built for larger adult hands that can prove unwieldy for young users. This can lead to poor performance in their favorite games and even bothersome hand strain over time. In this article, we have compiled a list of our favorite mice that perfectly suit children looking to get into not only PC gaming but productivity tasks like schoolwork and exploring their interests in computer science.

Model O- Wireless

The Model O- Wireless is our flagship ambidextrous mouse for users with smaller to average-sized hands. The wireless technology packed inside the mouse ensures a strong and fast connection to the computer right out of the box, no software download is required. Don’t worry about running to the store for batteries at the last minute, all our wireless mice charge via a provided cable that attaches to the computer.

The holes located on the posterior side of the mouse’s body make it incredibly lightweight, perfect for younger users who don’t want to struggle moving it across their desk. If the child wants to tinker with the mouse further, our Glorious CORE software allows them to change its colored lighting, performance, and the functions of its two extra side buttons.

Click here for more information on the Model O- Wireless.

Model D- Wireless

The Model D- Wireless uses the same strong and fast wireless technology found in the Model O- Wireless. Its body also contains holes that keep it satisfyingly light to ensure maximum mobility. However, the Model D- Wireless uses a right-handed ergonomic shape instead of its counterpart’s ambidextrous shape. This makes the former comfortable to use for extended periods of time, whether it’s for productivity or gaming. Since both mice are essentially the same other than the body shape, we recommend discussing with your giftee regarding their preference before making a decision.

Click here for more information Model D- Wireless.

Model O- Wired

The Model O- Wired, pictured to the right of the standard Model O Wired, is perfect for the shopper on a budget this holiday season who wants to give their child a smaller form factor mouse at an affordable price. It uses the same ambidextrous body as the Model O- Wireless, albeit with more holes on the left and right “triggers.” However, the Model O- Wired connects to the computer using a long, super lightweight paracord cable that users will forget is even there. The lighting, performance, and functions of the mouse can still be adjusted like on its wireless counterpart.

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Model D- Wired

Once again, the Model D- Wired features the same technology and key features as its ambidextrous counterpart. However, the right-handed ergonomic body returns. The way its unique shape cradles the user’s palm, combined with not having to worry about charging the mouse, makes for a wonderfully stress-free user experience that plainly just works; you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Wrapping Up

While the features packed inside each mouse may be a little overwhelming, the main difference between these four mice are shape and whether or not they are wired or wireless. All of our mice are compatible with computers with Windows 7 and newer and require only an open USB port to connect. For more information on each mouse, check out their individual pages for a detailed look at their features and appearance. Regardless of what you choose, we are sure your giftee will be happy to receive a mouse that perfectly suits their needs!

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