Extend Your Device’s Warranty with Glorious Product Registration

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Aug 09 2022

Registering your product allows you to extend your warranty by an additional year (free of charge) on eligible devices. To be eligible, you should register your device within 365 days of date of purchase. Just fill in the short form — it takes just a few minutes. 

Aside from the extended warranty, registering also makes it easier for our Customer Support team to provide efficient and effective service for your devices.

For a detailed breakdown of the Glorious Warranty Program, click here.


All Glorious products are eligible for 1-year extended warranty, as long as they are registered within 365 days of purchase. 

Please Note: Products purchased more than 1 year prior can still be registered, but they’re not eligible for warranty extension.


The product registration process requires only a few minutes of your time! Simply fill out the form linked below and provide the following information:

1. Contact Information – First Name, Last Name, Email Address

2. Place of Purchase – where you purchased the product, whether it be through the Glorious Store, Micro Center, Amazon, or other retail location.

3. Product Purchase Date – the day, month, and year you purchased your product. This is not the same as the day you received your product if it was shipped to you.

4. Product Serial Number – for our keyboards and mice, this should be located on the underside of the device and starts with “S/N:”


Providing an email address that’s linked to an existing Glorious account allows you to see the product(s) you’ve registered on your account page. If you don’t have an existing Glorious account, you will have the option to create one after you’ve registered your product(s).


Once you’ve completed the product registration process, you will receive an email confirmation at the address you provided.


The information collected within the product registration form will not be shared with outside parties. This is for internal Glorious customer service and marketing purposes only.

For more information regarding our terms of service and privacy policy, please read over the information below:

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