How to Download the Halo Infinite Campaign on Xbox Gamepass for PC

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Dec 08 2021

The time to finish the fight...again…has finally arrived! Today marks the release date for Halo Infinite’s long-awaited campaign. Fans have been enjoying the multiplayer, with some justifiable complaints here and there, for a few weeks now. So, being able to finally pick up the Chief’s fight is very exciting - especially with the rave reviews the campaign has received ahead of launch.

However, downloading the campaign update has proven to be quite challenging for Gamepass owners using the Xbox app on their PC. Those who had the multiplayer already installed would still be greeted by a “coming soon” screen on Infinite’s home screen when the game had already officially launched at 12 PM CST.

Here’s how to download the campaign on PC through the Xbox app if you subscribe to Gamepass:

1) An update to Halo Infinite should initiate automatically when opening the Xbox app. If the update kicks off by itself, skip to Step 3

2) If the game does not automatically prompt an update, close out the Xbox app using the task manager and re-open the program. If that does not work, restart your computer completely and attempt the process again

3) Once the game updates, go to Halo Infinite in your game library on the Xbox app located on the left-hand side

4) At the top of the Halo Infinite page, you will see an option that says “CHOOSE EDITION.” Make sure that “Halo Infinite” is selected in the dropdown menu, not “Halo Infinite (Campaign)

5) Next, click the ellipses “...” and select “Manage Game” underneath “Uninstall Game

6) Inside the “Manage game & add-ons” menu, make sure that “Campaign” is checked before clicking “APPLY CHANGES

7) Applying changes will prompt the campaign to download

8) Let the game fully download. Download speeds may be slower than usual due to high traffic volume

Note: This process does not apply to the Steam or console versions of Halo Infinite

Congratulations, you have successfully kicked off the campaign downloading process, and you are well on your way to kicking some alien ass. If this guide does not work for you, we recommend reaching out to Microsoft support for further troubleshooting. If it did, enjoy Zeta Halo!