The Glorious Holiday Gift Guide

Rashko Temelkovski

December 03, 2017

We've decided to round off what has been a very successful year for us by publishing a short holiday gift guide. The reason is simple - we believe everyone should know about our Glorious offers and products that may serve as the perfect gifts. No matter if you're gifting these to your family, significant other, or simply to yourself, we promise that you'll be making sure 2018 is all about hardcore, yet comfortable gaming experiences.

For the world's first modular mechanical gaming keyboard, check our very own GMMK

Why choose our modular mechanical gaming keyboard? It's simple -  the keyboard lets you pop out its switches just like a keycap, and experiment until you find the combination you desire. Your keyboard may literally look like a Christmas tree by the time you're done testing different switches. After all, that's what getting a customized mechanical keyboard means.

Or, if you're not into the whole experimentation game, you can always order our full-size Brown Switch keyboard - it comes pre-assembled with brown switches and black keycaps (ready to go out of the box).

But, that's not all! We recently started selling keyboards with and without the ten-key number pad; Some gamers prefer to have a numpad, while others love a compact, 'tenkeyless' design - the choice is yours!

For the ultimate gaming/typing experience, check out the Gateron MX Switches

No matter if you're buying a GMMK for typing or gaming purposes, the Gateron MX switches have you covered. You can choose from 6 different colors, each with unique features, and get the most out of any mechanical keyboard. So, which flavor's gonna be?

For ultimate wrist comfort and stability, we got the foam/wooden wrist rests

No gamer is immune to wrist pain after hours and hours of intense gaming. Not to mention the increased risk of suffering from the infamous carpal tunnel syndrome. Fear not, though - we have a solution for that, too!

Our Glorious foam/wooden wrist rests are here to make sure your wrists get all the comfort they need, even after countless hours spent gaming. Oh, and you don't have to worry about them moving across various surfaces. Our wrist rests always stay firmly in place, thanks to their non-slip rubber base.

Simply choose between mouse and keyboard wrist rests (or both!), pick the right size and thickness, and you're good to go!

For flawless mouse/keyboard control, give the Glorious gaming mousepads a try

Our Glorious family of gaming mousepads is famous for a reason. Each mousepad is crafted with a unique surface that gives you excellent control, while being slick enough to glide freely. You can throw all the abuse you want at them, yet they will not fray (don't question how we know this).

And the best thing is, you get to choose between several sizes. Ultimately, if you need a mousepad that supports both the keyboard and the mouse, do check out our extended series. You won't be disappointed.

For additional keyboard-related goodness, don't forget our keyboard accessories

Using a mechanical keyboard is too noisy for you? Are the keycaps too ordinary for a premium gamer like yourself? Then, you might want to check our keyboard accessories. We offer O-Ring Switch Dampeners and LED Backlight Compatible keycaps that can make every Glorious mechanical keyboard as complete as it can be!

For the best cashback option, check our awesome referral program

We're more than happy to reward everyone who's loyal to our brand. That's the reason we came up with the Glorious Referral Program. In fact, we believe it's the perfect incentive for the upcoming holidays. Simply refer a friend and get them 15% off their order (regardless of what they purchase). You get 10% of the amount back, in cash, of your friend's order total. You can learn more about it here.

As you can see, we have all the core products that can take every gamer's experience to the next level. Time to start filling up that shopping cart, then! After all, that's what the holidays are about... right?

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