Glorious Gift Guide - Holiday Season 2018

Rashko Temelkovski

December 09, 2018

2018 has been a fantastic year for us. We released lots of new products and all were met with excellent feedback and enthusiasm. As a result, the Glorious PC Gaming Race is now larger than ever. But we're not about to stop here. With products like the Odin, the 60% keyboard and ISO keyboard layouts arriving in (hopefully) early 2019, there's so much to look forward to. For now, though, let's focus on this year's gift guide. Here's what we suggest that you get for yourself or gift to your loved ones this holiday season.

Glorious Gift Guide 2018 Edition

For the world's first modular mechanical gaming keyboard, check our very own GMMK

Why choose the GMMK? It's simple - the keyboard lets you pop out its switches and keycaps whenever you wish, and experiment until you find the mix you desire. Your board may literally look like a Christmas tree by the time you're done testing different combinations. After all, that's what getting a customized mechanical keyboard is about.

However, if you're not into the whole experimentation game, you can always order our prebuilt full-size or tenkeyless GMMK - it comes preassembled with brown switches and black keycaps (ready to go out of the box).

From Gateron Blue to Kailh Black switches, with black and white keycaps to choose from, it's clear there's no reason to be looking for another mechanical keyboard ever again.

The GMMK is the only keyboard you ever need to buy.

For the ultimate *gaming/typing experience, check out the Gateron MX Switches

No matter if you're buying a GMMK for typing or gaming purposes, the Gateron MX switches have you covered. You can choose from 6 different colors, each with unique features, and get the most out of your board. So, which flavor's gonna be?

*We got Kailh switches as well, but they are running dangerously low on stock, so hurry up and grab your favorite color before it's gone!

For ultimate wrist comfort and stability, we got the padded/wooden wrist rests

No gamer is immune to wrist pain after hours and hours of intense gaming. Not to mention the increased risk of suffering from the infamous carpal tunnel syndrome. Fear not, though - we have a solution for that, too!

Our Glorious padded/wooden wrist rests are here to make sure your wrists get all the comfort and stability they need. Even after countless hours spent gaming. Oh, and you don't have to worry about them moving across various surfaces. All our wrist rests stay firmly in place at all times, thanks to their non-slip rubber base.

Simply choose between mouse and keyboard wrist rests (or both!), pick the right size and thickness, and you're good to go. And yes, we have a stealth variant for the padded wrist rests, too, just in case you don't want to see the white Glorious logo... in all its glory.

We now have stealth wrist rests, too!

For flawless mouse/keyboard control, give the Glorious gaming mouse pads a try

Our Glorious family of gaming mouse pads is famous for a reason. Each mouse pad is crafted with a unique surface that gives you excellent control, while being slick enough to glide freely. You can throw all the abuse you want at them, yet they will not fray (don't ask how we know this).

And the best thing is, you get to choose between several sizes and there's also the stealth variant. Ultimately, if you need a mouse mat that can support both your keyboard and mouse, do check the Glorious extended series. Go on, take your pick. Just make sure the color you want is not out of stock. What can we say, these mousepads sell like hot cakes.

Our Glorious line of mousepads ir famous for a reason.

For additional keyboard-related goodness, don't forget our keyboard accessories

Mechanical keyboards too noisy for you? Generic keycaps too ordinary for a premium gamer like yourself? Then, you might want to check our keyboard accessories. We offer O-Ring switch dampeners and LED Backlight Compatible keycaps that can make every Glorious mechanical keyboard as complete as it can be!

There's also the switch sample pack that gives you a unique chance to test all the switches and O-ring types before deciding on the ones you want.

We offer a bunch of cool mechanical keyboard accessories.

Fancy a stylish headphone / VR headset holder? Then, what you need is the Trident

It helps you clean up your desk space. It can hold up to 2 gaming / VR headsets at the same time. And even better, you can easily mount it under any desk, behind your gaming monitor, or on the nearest wall. Elegant. Simple. Functional. Necessary.

Yes, our Glorious Trident is the last headset holder you will ever need to buy (haven't we heard a similar sentence somewhere else?).

Our headset holder is the last one you'll ever need to buy.

No Christmas gift guide is complete without an awesome gift card program!

What if you want to buy a Glorious product for someone else? What if you are in the mood for some Glorious gifts, but don't know what to get? Don't worry, as we got you covered yet again! :)

Our Glorious gift cards are the PERFECT gift for any PC gamer. Buying a gift card, you take out all the guesswork and get a guarantee that you'll deliver the perfect present to your friends and family. We got 4 different options: $10, $25, $50 and $100 cards. Can't get a more complete gift guide for gamers than this, can you (inb4 Odin comments)?

No holiday gift guide is complete without an awesome gift card program.



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