Glorious 2021 Product Breakdown

Glorious Zach

January 18, 2022

2021 was a big year for Glorious - so many new products, product categories, and initiatives were introduced, and we could not be prouder of our team, partners, and community. None of this could have been possible without the support of our amazing fans, especially members of the Glorious Guild. Worried you missed a release? Check out this brief rundown of all the products we released over the last 12 months!

Go with the PRO

The GMMK PRO both released and got a lot of love in 2021. We launched a wide variety of customization accessories for our flagship board that let you drastically change both its look and feel.

• The GMMK PRO was released in waves, while making waves in the keyboard community, throughout the end of 2020 and into early 2021. Since then, it’s joined our website as an in-stock item with a snazzy configurator tool!

• We’ve been so impressed by the amazing builds sent to us using the stunning new GMMK PRO Top Frames and Glorious Rotary Knobs.

• Easily replaceable brass and polycarbonate switch plates make changing the PRO’s sound and typing feel a breeze.

• Putting the finishing touches on any keyboard build is now easier than ever before with our colorful coiled cables - no outrageous prices or long lead times.

• The GMMK PRO accomplished its New Year’s resolution of learning a new language with the release of the board’s ISO-compatible version.

• The PRO’s custom carry case allows owners to show up to their next LAN party or convention in style while keeping their board protected.

For the Love of Lubing

Lubing is a labor of love for those wanting to upgrade the sound of their keyboard’s switches, and our suite of tools makes the process easier than ever!

We’ve all tried to forcefully pull out switches by hand and open them using a tool from the garage. Trust us, it’s not the best idea. Just get our premium switch and keycap pullers.

• Stop stealing brushes from your mom’s paint by numbers kits - use our dedicated brush to precisely apply G-Lube to your switches’ individual components.

• Lube belongs on your switches, not your fingers. The lube station conveniently holds up to 36 disassembled switches and all the necessary tools of the lubing trade, making the process as stress-free as possible.

The Year of the Mouse

Rodents have a reputation of multiplying like crazy, and our gaming mice are no different! 2021 greatly expanded our wireless mouse lineup, making the hunt for your new main much simpler.

• Cramped hands celebrated the launch of the ergonomic Model D Wireless, which debuted with our new hole-free mouse buttons that had new Glorious switches under the hood.

• Small but mighty, the highly-anticipated Model O- and D- Wireless mice rounded out the year. Their compact overall shapes make them perfect for users with smaller hands wanting a more wieldy mouse to wreck shop with in their favorite games.

Switching it Up

Lynx or Panda? The choice is yours, Neo.

• Our Pandas gained a feline friend this year with the release of our Glorious Lynx linear switches, which debuted with a stunning blue housing design that looks as good as they feel.

• Not looking to lube? Both switches gained new pre-lubed options that let you get the best experience possible right out of the box!

Keys to Success

Capping off our list is the stunning keycaps we released throughout 2021, each with their own unique style to match any board’s vibe.

GPBT lets owners explore the rain forest, ocean, space, and more straight from their desks thanks to creative gradient colorways that feel as good as they look.

• We shot for the moon with the GPBT Celestial Series and its two unique colorways inspired by both fiery and frigid astral bodies.

• We said “let there be light” with the launch of Glorious Aura V2s pudding-style keycaps, now with a thicker PBT construction and crisp doubleshot legends.


These compact collectible critters showed up at our office this year, and we are still looking to rehome a few. Standing at a mighty 3” tall, they will happily rest on your desk or shelf - just don’t try and press their stem, they hate that.

Wrapping Up

That was our 2021, but we’re curious to hear your thoughts on how our 2022 should go. What products or product categories do you want us to explore in the new year? You never know, your idea could hit the ears of our product team - they love feedback from the community!

- Stay Glorious

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