Gateron Switches VS Kailh Switches - The Clone Wars

Once you get a mechanical keyboard, the next thing is making sure you pick the right mechanical switches. You should make this decision based on what you'll be using the keyboard for. Are you a typist? Or are you a hardcore gamer? Regardless, we got you covered with our catalog of Gateron switches and Kailh switches.

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Sep 09 2018

You already know the drill. Once you get a mechanical keyboard, the next logical step is making sure you pick the right mechanical switches. You should make this decision based on what you will be using the keyboard for. Are you a typist? Are you a hardcore gamer? Or maybe you are trying to "hit the sweet spot" and use the keyboard for pretty much anything. Regardless, we got you covered with our catalog of Gateron switches and Kailh switches. So, which ones should you pick? Read on.

Gateron Switches

Exceptional smoothness.

There was a time when the name "Cherry" popped up whenever someone mentioned mechanical switches. The reason was simple - if you wanted quality switches, you could never go wrong with Cherry. But the times... they are a-changin'. The competition is much stronger now, with various companies trying to get their slice of the mechanical switch cake. This is where Gateron steps in.

If you check our online store, you'll see that we offer Gateron switches in 6 colors. After thoroughly testing the GMMK, we can guarantee that should you choose Gaterons for your mechanical keyboard, you won't end up disappointed. It's simple: they look good, feel good and don't cost as much. If we could describe each Gateron switch stroke with just one word, it would be - smoothness.

But wait, you are yet to choose a Gateron color and want to make the right decision. In short, here's what you need to know.

  • If you're all about the softest touch possible, go with the Gateron clear variant.
  • Gaming is love, gaming is life? Then, the red Gaterons are what you need. For a slightly heavier touch, you can also go with black Gaterons.
  • Producing content day and night? In that case, the blue Gaterons may just be the ideal choice for you. For an even heavier touch and a loud click, you might also consider the green variant.
  • Can't decide which color is best for you? Why don't you start with the brown Gaterons? They are ideal for people who use their keyboard for both hardcore gaming and typing.

If you need more information on Gaterons and the different colors, check our Gateron color guide.

Our catalog of Kailh and Gateron switches will satisfy the needs of both gamers and typists alike.

Kailh Switches


By now, it's clear that Gateron switches are rock solid Cherry clones. But the same can be said for the Kailh switches, too. Thanks to Kaihua Electronics, a high-tech enterprise that has been successfully building up its reputation since 1990, we now have another serious contender for the Cherry clone throne (as well as the definite winner of the 2018 rhyme wars).

However, we wouldn't be doing Kaihua Electronics justice if we didn't mention that other than being an impressive Cherry clone, Kailh have also brought some slight modifications and innovations to the table. Yes, these switches have improved upon Cherries in quite a few aspects, so choosing them should not be a difficult decision for you. So, are you read to order? Here's what you need to know about the different "families" of Kailh.

  • Box switches are the obvious choice if you hate key cap wobbling. They come with reinforced stem which also makes them water and dust resistant.
  • Fan of Sonic the Hedgehog? Do you always feel like you gotta game fast? Then, look no further than the Speed switches.
  • Can't decide between Box switches and Speed switches? Don't worry, as you can always "start" with the Pro family. They basically combine the key features of both worlds and are great for "everyday" and "hardcore" users alike.

Take note, though - even after you find the "family" of Kailh switches that fits you the most, there are different colors with different specs. That's why you should check our Kailh color guide for more information.

Ultimately, which mechanical switch brand is better?

Honestly, you can't go wrong with either of them. On the one hand, if you know everything about Cherry switches and want an affordable clone that will provide you with exceptional value for the money, pick Gateron. On the other hand, if you are always looking for the next innovations and improvements to a successful (Cherry) formula, it may be wise to go with Kailh. A great Cherry MX clone that is not afraid to try some new stuff. Take a bow.

Still can't pick between Kailh and Gateron switches? We got you covered once more. Our Glorious MX Switch Sample Pack is the perfect tester kit for you. It comes with samples of all Gateron and Kailh switches, plus a couple of O-Rings. You can do some serious testing, as well as play with it as much as you want. We assure you that by the time you're done, you'll know which switch is right for you.