Ambidextrous Vs. Ergonomic Gaming Mice: What's The Difference?

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Oct 11 2021

When searching for gaming mice online, the overwhelming amount of choice can make coming to a final decision incredibly difficult. Weight, size, sensors, and more should all be factored in when shopping around. One of the most noticeable aspects to consider is the overall shape of the mouse. Typically, mouse shapes are broken down into two categories: ambidextrous and ergonomic.

Like other peripherals in your battlestation, there is no absolute "best" choice - it comes down to personal preference and what feels best in your hands. Instead of telling you which shape to choose, we wanted to briefly lay out the benefits of each shape, helping you make the most informed buying decision possible.


Ambidextrous mice are easily identified by their parallel design. While button placements may be located on one side, the overall body of the mouse is perfectly symmetrical. Most typical office mice are of an ambidextrous design, making transitioning to them more accessible for new players looking to get into the gaming mouse space.

Our Glorious Model O Wireless gaming mouse is an ultra-lightweight wireless gaming mouse with an ambidextrous shape.

For more experienced players with an established grip style, ambidextrous mice better support fingertip or claw grips due to their lower-profile, neutral shape. Additionally, left-handed users gravitate to this shape due to the overall lack of premium gaming mice designed for lefties.


Unlike ambidextrous mice, ergonomic mice are not symmetrical in design. This is due to their concave frames that taper in for increased contact with the user's palm and improved thump support. This leads to an overall more comfortable handling experience over long periods compared to their ambidextrous counterparts. However, comfort boils down to personal preference, grip styles, hand size, and more.

Our Glorious Model D Wireless gaming mouse is an ultra-lightweight wireless gaming mouse with a right-handed ergonomic shape.

Ergonomic mice are typically associated with palm gripping due to their taller profile and greater surface area in contact with the user's hand. They are an excellent choice for users who use their battlestation for productivity tasks on top of their typical gaming. However, left-handed users may not be able to take full advantage of dedicated right-handed ergonomic gaming mice.

In Conclusion

As stated throughout this article, reading about shapes is one thing - feeling them in person is another. We recommend testing out different mice at your local store to find what best fits your personal preferences. Who knows, maybe you'll be surprised by what you find!

If you're already an avid gaming mouse user, what shape do you prefer to use? Do you use separate mice for gaming and productivity? Start a discussion in the comments section below - we would love to hear from you!