5 Useful Tips & Trick to Enhance Your GMMK PRO Experience

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Jul 06 2021

Receiving a new keyboard feels like Christmas morning. There is nothing more exciting than opening up the box, popping in your favorite switches, and adorning your board with new keycaps - that first typing session is unforgettable. However, there are some little-known tips and tricks that can further improve your keyboard experience.

With the official in-stock release of the GMMK PRO, we wanted to put together a guide to getting the most out of this premium 75% mechanical keyboard, notably improving its typing and gaming performance. If you have not already placed a GMMK PRO order, you can still do so by clicking here. Let's dive in!

Outfit Your GMMK PRO With Lubed Switches

Switch Modding on a GMMK PRO

Lubed switches provide a noticeably improved typing and gaming experience compared to their stock counterparts. The added lubrication reduces friction, improving the switch's sound and feel. Once you try one, it's hard to go back. With the GMMK PRO's modularity, popping in lubed switches is a breeze, and we now carry pre-lubed versions of our satisfyingly tactile Glorious Pandas. Are you looking to lube them yourself? Look no further than our arsenal of high-quality lubing equipment. The choice is yours! Regardless, we highly recommend giving lubed switches a try.


GMMK PRO on a Cloth Mousepad

One of the quickest and easiest tricks to improve any mechanical keyboard experience is to use a cloth deskmat. The vibration dampening nature of these soft mats gives your GMMK PRO a fuller, richer sound without intensive modification. Additionally, they provide a reliable grip to ensure your board does not slide around during intense gaming sessions. Our extended mats also encompass your mouse, giving your desk a more uniform and organized look!

Outfit Your GMMK PRO with Compatible Keycaps

Mechanical Keyboard with GPBT Keycaps

The GMMK PRO's optimized 75% layout gives it a unique blend of form and function. Some third-party keycap sets may not support some of the PRO's modifier keys in their base configuration, so it is always important to double-check before ordering.

We recommend outfitting your board with one of our premium ABS or PBT keycap sets to guarantee a perfect fit. Our new GPBT line of keycaps offers unmatched durability while still being beautifully vibrant, regardless of which exciting colorway you choose!


Glorious Coiled Cables

Have a desired aesthetic to your build or entire desk setup? A corresponding coiled cable is the perfect finishing touch. Subtle, elegant, and functionally superior to stock cables, we highly recommend picking up one of these springy connectors to pair with your GMMK PRO.

If you decide to go with a third-party option, ensure that the connection to the board is USB-C, as that is what the PRO requires. We carry brand new coiled cables at affordable prices that do not require any lead time, meaning no group buys or commissions. They also are designed to match our GPBT keycap sets, ensuring you have a clean and uniform aesthetic across the board (literally)!


GMMK PRO with Brass Plate

The GMMK line of keyboards stands for Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard, and modular the PRO definitely is. Designed to be opened up and customized, you can easily swap the board's switch plate for a variety of different materials. By default, the board comes with an aluminum plate installed. However, there are brass and polycarbonate options available.

These provide different typing experiences, and their respective pros and cons boil down to user preference. The polycarbonate provides a softer typing feel that produces a deeper sound. Brass is more rigid and creates a higher musical pitch in comparison. Depending on the switches you use and what typing surface you prefer, there is guaranteed to be a plate material that meets your needs.


These five simple tips and tricks are sure to improve your GMMK PRO, making your new mechanical keyboard experience even better. As you can tell, tinkering with the board is intuitive and fun, allowing you to experiment and discover what you prefer.

Swapping out components and making slight modifications truly makes your PRO your own, and we cannot wait to see what you come up with! Share your build on social media, and we may highlight it on our platforms for the community to see. Who knows, your board may be an inspiration for other keyboard owners.