3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Gaming Mouse

Glorious HQ

June 04, 2021

You rely on your gaming mouse to perform quick and accurate movements during intense gameplay. One slip-up or missed click can cost your team the match, so optimizing your mouse is essential for victory. This article will introduce some easy ways to improve your gaming mouse, granting you the edge you need on the battlefield.

1) Apply Grip Tape

Mouse Grip Tape

Sweating is something we all do, especially during high-intensity gameplay. This moisture can reduce the friction between you and your mouse, leading to potential unwanted slipping. Applying precut Glorious Grip Tape to your mouse is quick and easy, and the benefits are immense if you want to improve your flicks, handles, and control.

2) Install Mouse Feet

Gaming Mouse Feet

You will notice a significant improvement to your mouse's speed and precision after installing PTFE or porcelain feet. Their purpose is to reduce the friction between your mouse's underside and deskpad, creating an incredibly fluid PC gaming experience. All Glorious gaming mice come with pre-installed G-Skates to ensure they gracefully glide across your mousepad straight out of the box.

3) Use A Mouse Bungee

Glorious Mouse Bungee

For wired mouse users, there is nothing more frustrating than a wire that gets in the way. Taking advantage of a mouse bungee grants you a near-wireless gaming experience due to its ability to keep your cord more stationary on the desk. Without a bungee, the cable could get tangled, kink, or impede your gameplay in other frustrating ways. Improve your ability to enjoy your mouse unimpeded by simply placing one of these handy tools on your desk - you'll enjoy the freedom of a wireless mouse combined with the reliability of wired.

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