SplitGate Scratches That Halo Itch Leading Up to Infinite's Release

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August 05, 2021

Halo Infinite's Tech Preview recently ended, and it is safe to say that fans are thoroughly enjoying 343's new entry. The multiplayer appears to strike the right balance of new and old, and the game's player-first mentality regarding battle passes is refreshing.

What is SplitGate?

However, Infinite is not the only shooter making waves in the PC gaming community; SplitGate is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter that has taken the genre by storm.

While the game initially came out in 2019 on PC, the console release of SplitGate's beta totally revamped its look and feel. This move to cross-platform multiplayer has led to a flood of new players.

This influx has created long server queue times, and the developers are having issues meeting demand! Checking the @SplitGate Twitter account will give you some insight into the madness.

"Totally Not Master Chief" Going Through a Portal | Photo Courtesy of SplitGate.com

Halo-Like Gameplay

The gameplay of SplitGate wears its Halo inspiration on its sleeve. Upon loading the game, players are greeted by their character, who looks remarkably similar to a UNSC Spartan.

During games, you will notice an even less subtle approach regarding the guns - there is literally just a Battle Rifle.

Additionally, there is a Plasma Rifle, Energy Sword equivalent, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, etc. These power weapons are found strewn about the map, just like Halo.

Movement is similar to Halo Reach with sprinting and jetpacks. However, the speed of play is nowhere near Halo 5's level of movement. The slow and deliberate gameplay is refreshing in a world of twitch shooters.

Playing With Portals

We have established that this game has a heavy Halo inspiration, but we would be remised to leave out its portal mechanics - they are seriously so fun.

Players can shoot an entry and exit portal onto designated spots located all over the game's maps. You can see through your portal to the other side and even shoot players through it.

Teammates and enemies can still use your portal and even take blind shots through it in hopes of snagging you. This mechanic adds a considerable level of strategy to a game that would otherwise be a Halo clone.

Like Fortnite's building, portals are an easy to learn but hard to master style of playing that gets us excited to see what techniques players create.

Taking a Little Portal Peak on SplitGate's Olympus Map | Photo Courtesy of SplitGate.com

SplitGate's Future

With all the hype this game is currently receiving, it is crucial to consider its longevity. Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer is on the horizon for PC and Xbox players.

Being similar in both gameplay and the FTP business model, there is no doubt that these two will clash. However, this does not apply to PlayStation owners who have no choice but to stick with SplitGate!

The future for SplitGate is uncertain but seeing a game initially released in 2019 on PC get a resurgence is always fun to see.

Hopefully, the game will survive Infinite's release and continue to grow and forge its own path and identity.

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