Retro Gems: Thimbleweed Park

Rashko Temelkovski

July 30, 2017

Not your ordinary park

There was a time when point & click adventures were all the hype. People didn't care about complex RPGs, non-linear stories, shooters, competitive games... most of them wanted an adventure game with a great story and humor at every step.

Even though that time is long gone and adventure games have been through thick and thin more than any other genre, there's no doubt the interest is still there; Developers just have to make sure they produce adventures worth playing (which is not as easy as it might've seemed a while ago)!

Case in point, Thimbleweed Park. It doesn't have fancy graphics. There's no orchestral soundtrack. The developers haven't invested millions and millions of dollars on it. And yet, it manages to successfully remind both old and new players why studios like Lucas Arts and Sierra used to spend most of their resources on point & click adventures that followed the same formula, over and over again.

Why you should play it

  • Draws inspiration from the Lucas Arts and Sierra adventures of yore
  • 5 playable characters
  • Casual and hard mode to choose from
  • Puzzles that can be challenging to both new and experienced adventure game fans
  • Story that keeps you curious and interested
  • Good jokes here and there

What might put you off

  • Not everyone will appreciate the pixel art style
  • Humor feels forced more often than not
  • Polarizing ending

Plays similarly to

 Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Kathy Rain, Monkey Island: Special Edition

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