An Ode to Supports

Rashko Temelkovski

April 14, 2017

Are you the team member who comes to their allies’ aid and helps them out of a pickle whenever things get messy? Are you a humble and criminally underestimated support?

Thousands of gamers owe their ingame lives to the support mains out there who proudly defend, buff, cleanse and heal characters throughout countless online battles.

It’s by no means easy to block a fast projectile with Braum’s ‘Unbreakable’ in LoL. Also, constantly healing surrounding allies with Ana’s biotic rifle in Overwatch is certainly not a piece of cake (especially if you’re trying to heal a Genji who keeps jumping around). There’s nothing simple about taking on an Engineer or Medic role in TF2, or executing a perfectly-timed ‘Chain Frost’ using Lich in Dota 2.

It takes skill, patience and cunning to pull off a support role in just about any online game. Even shooters like Battlefield and CoD have medics running around and making sure their teams are patched up.

Naturally, the performance of supports can influence the outcome of an entire match. Your whole team is counting on you to give them the necessary help to be victorious. All that pressure can be a bit overwhelming, and if you don’t have the right gaming gear, you may end up not live up to the expectations.

That’s why we, at Glorious PC Gaming Race, have come up with the best gaming gear that can turn you into the support every team wants. We offer modular gaming keyboards that make every keystroke feel like bliss, top quality wrist rests that won’t let your wrists become weary and strained, and extended mouse mats that provide a smooth platform for all your gaming sessions. The reason is simple - we believe that every support deserves premium gear and nothing less!

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