Check out this new Sonic Mania trailer showing fan favorite Knuckles

Rashko Temelkovski

May 14, 2017

Sonic Mania has been delayed into the summer and we're not very happy about it. However, we'd like to think that in the end, we'll finally get a Sonic game that will take us back to a time when the blue hedgehog meant something huge in the gaming industry.

This delay aside, we have a new trailer where we can see Knuckles - Sonic's sidekick who's apparently more popular than Sonic - take on the remixed Flying Battery Zone from the original Mega Drive Sonic games.

Looks good, doesn't it? Let's hope this is just a taste of things to come, and that Sonic Mania will ultimately give both new Sonic players and oldcomers a chance to enjoy fast platforming in its most polished form.

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