Indie Gems: Stories (The Path of Destinies)

Rashko Temelkovski

June 23, 2017

Stories: The Path of Destinies is an Action-RPG, an enchanted storybook filled with madcap fantasy tales, each told by a zippy narrator attuned to the player’s choices and actions.

Sounds really interesting, right? Plus, you can get it at 75% off during the Steam Summer Sale. Stories is an Indie gem everyone should check out, and here's what we loved (and hated) about it:

Why you should play it

A game where choices matter

Lots of replayability

Fun combat (and combat mechanics)

Charismatic narrator

Interesting art style

Soundtrack that adapts to the way you play

What might put you off

Long loading screens (some players reported the game freezing)

The combat gets repetitive the more you play

Plays similarly to

Bastion, Transistor, other artsy hack 'n' slash games

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