Indie Gems: Hollow Knight

Rashko Temelkovski

May 28, 2017

Starting this week, we'll be occasionally writing about Indie games that are a true delight to play; Basically, games that deserve more attention than what they're getting. We're breaking the ice with Hollow Knight, a fantastic Metroidvania platformer developed by Team Cherry.

Why you should play it

  • Metroidvania done right!
  • Huge, atmospheric world to explore
  • Lots of boss fights that are truly challenging
  • Impressive enemy variety
  • From-zero-to-hero concept that makes you want to keep playing
  • Excellent controls and response time
  • Music that never gets in the way

What might put you off

  • It takes time for the game to really "get going"
  • Occasional difficulty spikes that are downright ridiculous
  • It's Metroidvania: you either love the backtracking or despise it!
  • No regular saving - must use predefined save points

Plays similarly to

Any Metroidvania game (but more polished than most); Ori and the Blind Forest, Cave Story, La-Mulana


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