Hollow Knight gets its first free DLC - Hidden Dreams

Rashko Temelkovski

August 06, 2017

Hollow Knight is a great game with lots of content that can keep you busy for weeks. We already recommended it as an Indie Gem that is more enjoyable than many recent AAA games on the market.

Now, to make things better, there's a free DLC that every owner of the game automatically gets. Titled Hidden Dreams, it's the first of 3 free content packs, and quite honestly, it delivers great value, just like the base game. 

So, here's what Team Cherry had to say about the update:

This is it gang! It’s time to face two of Hallownest’s greatest warriors; uncover a hidden stag station; and traverse Hallownest in a whole new way with Dream Gates! We’ve even included a few small surprises to keep veteran players on their toes.

One more neat addition is the option to choose Italian as your preferred language. In order to make sure the game has been updated, check whether v1.1.1.4 is its version number the next time you run it.

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