Dying Light 2: Stay Human Delayed Until February 2022

Zach Johnston

September 14, 2021

On Tuesday, September 14th, Techland announced they are delaying Dying Light 2 until February 4th, 2022. Previously, the game was slated for a December 7th, 2021 release date on PC and consoles. In their tweet, Techland cited they needed more time to further optimize and polish the game before officially launching.

While delays are never fun to see, especially as they've become commonplace during the pandemic, it is nice to know that Techland is not releasing a half-baked game. With greatly anticipated games like Cyberpunk releasing in an unfinished state with updates promised later, I think we can all understand waiting to get a great game instead of rushing to play a disappointing one.

In the same tweet, the developers announced that content creators and the press to preview a version of The City level. So, while there is a delay, we should still expect Dying Light 2: Stay Human content up until its new release date. The level of transparency the team over there has shown is admirable, and we cannot wait to get our hands on the new game.

Dying Light 2 Delay

What do you think about delaying games for further tuning? Would you rather play a game sooner that needs polish, or are you okay with waiting to get the best experience? Let us know in the comments below - we would love to hear from you!

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