Bubsy is coming back! And not in atrocious 3D!

Rashko Temelkovski

June 09, 2017

He was supposed to be the bobcat that would rule them all. He was supposed to take the platforming genre by storm back when everyone was hyped up about the next Super Mario and Sonic game. Unfortunately... things happened.

Bubsy 1 and Bubsy 2 might not have been the best games back in the day, but they were still played by quite a few gamers. They even found their way on Steam two years ago, as a 2-in-1 -bundle. In other words, as long as nobody talks about ... that game ... all is good.

In fact, things seem to be more than good, as Accolade is back on the gaming scene after a looong break, and their first game is - you've guessed it - A Bubsy Game.

Bubsy: the Woolies Strike Back is the name of the latest game in the series. Our "beloved" bobcat is back and on a mission to find the Golden Fleece. Along the way, he will use all his "heroic" moves that were introduced in the old games, plus a few new ones.

One thing I like seeing is that the game design is very similar to Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, which turned out to be an excellent, polished platformer. So, yeah, here's the teaser trailer.

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