Now Available: GPBT Grapefruit Keycaps


May 15 2023

Introducing GPBT Grapefruit Keycaps

We're excited to announce that the Glorious GPBT Grapefruit keycaps are now available. Originally a limited-edition release, these keycaps were so popular that we decided to make them available to everyone. The keycap set includes macOS F-row and modifier keys. They’re compatible with all GMMK models and most mechanical keyboards.

The GPBT Grapefruit Keycaps feature a smooth gradient design inspired by the refreshing and vibrant colors of citrus fruit. These keycaps are made from durable PBT polymer, which features a textured surface that is resistant to wear and tear. The keycap legends are printed using dye-sublimation technology, ensuring clean, colorful, and consistent legends that won't fade over time.


Bursting with vibrant tones, the Grapefruit GPBT keycaps are the perfect punch of color for any desk setup. Enjoy a satisfying typing experience with rich acoustics.

ABS vs PBT Keycaps: Why PBT is (arguably) better.

As stated in the name, the Grapefruit keycap set is made of PBT, which is one of the most popular amongst gamers and enthusiasts– the other common material being ABS. So what’s the difference?

ABS is made with thinner (and cheaper) material than PBT. Because PBT keycaps are made with thicker, higher quality walls, they produce a richer sound and are far more durable than ABS. Though PBT can come with a slightly more elevated price–you get what you pay for. PBT keycaps result in maintaining their mint condition for much longer.  

Learn more about the science behind custom keycaps in our previous blog post, ABS vs. PBT Plastic.

What is Dye-Sub, or Dye-sublimation?

As is the case of the GPBT Grapefruit keycaps, dye-sublimation refers to the printing process used to transfer the legend onto the PBT material using a dye, heat, and pressure. However, this process is different from ordinary printing, where the ink would fade after just a few months of use.

Sublimation is the process of turning solid material directly into gas (without melting and becoming a liquid first). Once the dye turns into a gas, it is able to penetrate the plastic and change the color of the plastic on a molecular level. In other words, it permanently dyes the keycap. So, no matter how much the keycap is rubbed by your finger, the legends will still be visible. Since the ink has essentially become part of the keycap, there is no bump from the legends at the surface.

Wide Compatibility

The GPBT Grapefruit Keycaps are compatible with all GMMK boards and fit most mechanical keyboards. The keycap set also includes the Mac function support row for even wider compatibility.

They come in a set of 143 keycaps and feature a US ANSI layout. These keycaps fit most full-size, tenkeyless (TKL), and compact mechanical keyboards with cross-stem (+) switches.

Glorious PBT Collection

The Grapefruit Keycap set is the latest addition to the GPBT collection. Whether you like a solid, minimalist Black or White setup, or vibrant gradients like the Nebula or Ocean colorways, there is a color palette for everyone. If you are looking for a premium-grade keycap set with a striking design, don’t miss the Celestial Series.

For those who like RGB shine-through keycaps, the pudding-style Aura set is an excellent option.


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