New Look, New Features, Same Glorious Quality

New Look, New Features, Same Glorious Quality


May 15 2024

From the start, we've always set out to be more than just a brand. Our story began with one visionary who dared to think differently and ended up starting a revolution. From releasing some of the first lightweight gaming mice to the world’s first fully modular mechanical keyboard, we’ve always aimed to meet your actual needs.

As Glorious continues to grow, we’re excited to roll out a new website that does exactly that—gives you even more control. It’s streamlined to make finding what you need simpler. And it keeps getting better! We’ve also released Glorious CORE 2.0, our completely revamped software, designed for easier and more expansive customization.

What’s New 

  1. A Fresh Take

This isn’t just a new website; it’s also a “hello” to the refreshed Glorious brand. We’re evolving to reflect what we love about gaming and our community. You’ll see more vibrant colors, new typography, and upgraded iconography throughout the site, our software, and beyond.

Our content has been streamlined, too. We’re making things more accessible and approachable because we believe gaming is for everyone. Plus, who really likes jargon and hyperbole? So, we’re giving it to you straight.

2. Easier Navigation 

Website navigation isn’t exactly the most exciting topic. But you know what is? Being able to find exactly what you need both quickly and easily.

With this in mind, we now have all our primary categories in the main navigation. We put ourselves in your shoes and made sure you could always find what you’re looking for.  

So, what exactly are you looking for?

  • You want to shop: All our products are conveniently organized in one drawer by categories. 

  • You want to build a keyboard: We built a guided shopping experience that easily walks you through everything you need to build your ideal keyboard kit. 

  • You want to learn more: Whether it's new technologies or why you should choose Glorious, we’ve created a whole library of content that will grow over time to tackle the latest gaming tech and other Glorious topics. 

  • You need help: Support is right up top because nobody wants to go hunting through the footer to get help.

3. Improved Tools 

Tools are meant to make life simpler. So, we focused on tools we thought would make the biggest impact on your day. Three things specifically: our shopping tools, our software, and our support resources

From a compare tool to search filters, our new shopping tools are meant to help you find what you’re looking for without hassle. If you’re looking to build a custom keyboard, our Build page makes the whole process seamless. You can pick your favorite keyboard base, switches, keycaps, and accessories. Then, when the products reach your door, our how-to videos guide you step-by-step through the building process.

Once it’s game time, our new software is designed to make personalizing how you play even easier. Everything, from remapping controls and creating macros to customizing RGB, is now easier and more user-friendly. We’re also rolling out GloriousID, so you can save custom profiles to the cloud and access them later from any computer with CORE 2.0 installed. 

When it comes to support, we get that there are two kinds of people: those who prefer to talk to someone and those who want to find answers to handle it themselves. You have both of those options! We made our support tools and articles easy to find and use. We want to turn a moment of frustration into a pleasant experience.

Redefining the Game

At Glorious, we’re about building gear that you love! Our mission goes beyond making you a better gamer—we want to help you make the most of every session and set up your favorite space at home. 

Enjoy browsing the new site and playing with Glorious CORE 2.0 to get your gear just right. We’re excited to create, customize, and rise through the ranks together.

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