Model O PRO vs D PRO: Choosing by Mouse Grips & Playstyle


Oct 13 2023

Selecting the right mouse for you is essential to have a comfortable and seamless gaming experience. While there is no “better” shape, there is one that simply works better for your playstyle, hand size, and mouse grip. To get the most out of your device and avoid strain over extended gaming sessions, you should pick whatever feels like an extension of your hand. When it comes to the PRO mice series, the Model O 2 PRO and Model D 2 PRO both have the same tournament-grade features. The key differentiator lies in their shape. In this article, we’ll break down the distinctions between the two shapes to help you make a more informed choice.

An important factor when deciding on the shape of your is how you normally hold your mouse. The three primary grip styles that most gamers adopt are the Claw, Palm, and Fingertip. Palm grip involves the entire hand resting on the mouse, providing substantial support and stability, ideal for those who prioritize comfort over long gaming sessions. Clawgrip is characterized by the rear of the palm resting on the mouse's back end while the fingertips arch downwards to click the buttons, resembling a claw shape; this grip provides a balance between speed and control. Lastly, Fingertip grip is when only the fingertips touch the mouse, offering maximum agility and quick response but might be less stable for some users. Recognizing and understanding one's grip helps gamers in selecting a mouse shape that aligns with their comfort and gameplay needs, optimizing their overall experience.

Mouse grips styles

Common Ground: Shared Features

It’s important to note that the O 2 PRO and Model D 2 PRO boast the same enhanced features. These include a fully-enclosed shell, 100M-rated optical switches, and the next-generation BAMF 2.0 sensor. These elements ensure precision, longevity, and an elevated gaming experience.

 The key difference between the two is solely the shape. Let’s take a closer look at both models.

Model O 2 PRO: Symmetrical for Versatility

The Model O 2 PRO is designed with a right-handed symmetrical shape for grip style versatility. Gamers with medium to large hands are able to easily hold the mouse with fingertip and claw grip styles. For those with small to medium-sized hands, gamers can comfortably use the mouse with palm grip as well. Its low-profile shape and high maneuverability pair perfectly with fast-paced shooters and MOBAs. 

Model D 2 PRO: Ergonomic for Comfort Gameplay

The Model D 2 PRO is distinctly characterized by its right-handed ergonomic shape. Its unique asymmetric contouring and a taller "hump", is particularly suited for gamers with medium to large hands favoring a palm or claw grip style. Its ergonomic design offers more support during longer gaming sessions, like MMO raids or longer MOBA or Battle Royale matches

However, due to its more pronounced design and larger size, the Model D 2 PRO doesn't cater as well to the fingertip grip, as it might be a bit too chunky for you.

Bottom Line

The choice between the Model O 2 PRO and Model D 2 PRO boils down to the user's unique hand size and grip preference. There isn't a one-size-fits-all "best" shape—only the shape that feels right for the individual. As you contemplate your options, focus on what feels most comfortable and natural for your hand and gaming style. 


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