Introducing Clickitz™ by Glorious


Mar 29 2023

Is your gaming mouse getting jealous of all the crazy cool accessories your keyboard keeps getting? Not anymore.

Meet Clickitz™ by Glorious: a whole new dimension of gaming mouse customization.

Clickitz pictured here on the Model O 2

These adorable charms simply snap into the holes on your mouse. The only hard part is deciding where to place them!

Each pack of Clickitz™ will include a variety of fun designs, including our Panda, Lynx, Fox, and [REDACTED]!

Stay tuned for more information, and get ready to kick it with Clickitz™


Jude Joshua M. Reyes:

Is this April’s fool? Haha

Amber Martin:

Ok no really these can be ordered, right? I need these.



Bill K:

I’ll take 3 dozen please, I want to feel that Glorious pain when I am gaming. Glorious you’re always on the cutting EDGE of what gamers want thanks a lot <3

Divina Gracia Galang:

Whoah! Those are cute! I want all of those Clickitz™ on my Glorious Model O mouse!

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