Out Now: GMMK PRO FlexKit, the Ultimate Keyboard Mod Kit


Apr 25 2023

What is keyboard “Flex” and how much of it is ideal?

In the world of mechanical keyboards, "flex" or "plate flex" refers to the bounciness or “give” you feel in a keyboard when typing. There are several ways to modify a keyboard to either increase or decrease its flex, usually by giving the PCB/Switch plate more movement within the keyboard case. 

Flex can be a contentious topic among keyboard enthusiasts. Some only like highly flexible keyboards, while others prefer minimal or no flex. As with most aspects of mechanical keyboards, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and how you’re using it.

As a gaming-focused brand, we have typically prioritized fast actuation and responsiveness rather than more flexibility when designing our boards. During the GMMK PRO's initial design stages, most enthusiasts and gamers we worked with favored little to no flex. Consequently, the GMMK PRO's default design emphasizes sound and vibration absorption over flexibility, resulting in a more “stiff”, reactive feel and isolated sound during use. 

However, in the time following the release of GMMK PRO, a rapidly increasing number of keyboard users have gravitated towards a bouncier keyboard experience.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to Flex - what matters is what feels best to you.

Introducing the FlexKit

Following the GMMK PRO launch, we received a lot of community feedback requesting more options for adding Flex, as well as adjusting their board’s acoustics and type feel. In response, we developed FlexKit. 

FlexKit is an all-in-one modification pack that includes everything needed to tailor the sound, feel, and FLEX of the GMMK PRO. It was designed for GMMK PRO owners who craved the ultimate level of customization in their boards, giving unprecedented control over your typing and gaming experience.

Seven months ago, we released FlexKit exclusively to our Glorious Guild community. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, we’ve decided to now make it available to the public. 

The kit includes a redesigned GMMK PRO bottom case, three gasket material options, two bottom case foam options, and a thick sheet of PCB/plate foam. Together, these components enable you to transform the PRO in new and exciting ways, making it feel like a whole new keyboard.

Don’t own a PRO yet? With the FlexKit Bundle, you can even build a totally personalized, flexible PRO from the ground up!

GMMK PRO in E-White with FlexKit

Let's examine the individual components in more detail

Redesigned Bottom Case (Now available in E-WHITE!):

The GMMK PRO bottom case has been redesigned to accommodate 3.5 mm thick gaskets, enabling the PCB/plate assembly to move more freely within the case. The internal volume has been increased for improved acoustic resonance, and the number of case screws has been reduced from eight to four for easier access. The redesigned bottom case is available in 3 colors, including all new E-White.

3 Gasket Material Options:

The FlexKit features three different gasket materials: PORON, EPDM, and our proprietary G-Foam. Each material delivers a distinct sound and feel, allowing you to experiment and find your ideal combination. Here's an overview of each gasket option:

  1. G-Foam: Medium density for a cushioned typing feel, quick bouncy return, and lively sound.
  2. EPDM: Harder density for a stiffer, more responsive typing feel, and a standard sound.
  3. PORON: Softer density for a cushier typing feel and a more muted sound.

2 Bottom Case Foam Options:

The kit includes two bottom case foam options 1 mm and 2 mm thick case foams.

  1. 1 mm foam provides greater PCB/plate mobility and less sound absorption.
  2. 2 mm foam offers maximum sound absorption with a reduced PCB/plate mobility range

Plate/PCB Foam:

The included thick sheet of PCB/plate foam absorbs case resonance while maintaining flexibility.

The reflective white surface of G-Foam enhances the vibrancy of your GMMK PRO's RGB LEDs, particularly when paired with our polycarbonate plate.

Please note that these gaskets' lengths and thicknesses are not compatible with the original GMMK PRO bottom frame design. The redesigned bottom case is required for these new options.


For the first time, we’re giving you the option to build a GMMK PRO from scratch using the FlexKit BundleThis way you don’t have to waste a base buying one of our normal barebones boards.

With the FlexKit bundle you can buy the FlexKit Base, Standalone PCBs (with GSV2 Stabilizers), Switch Plate, as well as your choice of colored Top Frame, Knob, & Coiled Cable all together!

The bundle discount enables you to build it for nearly the same price as a normal Barebones GMMK PRO - an incredible value!

With the new E-White FlexKit case color you can even build a 100% white GMMK PRO for the first time. 

Assembly is easy!


While the kit is relatively expensive for us to make, as this is a community-driven project we'll be offering a 40% discount off the retail price at launch to give current PRO owners a chance to get it for around the same price as our production costs. But act fast, stock is initially limited and not guaranteed to last! 

FlexKit is ONLY available on gloriousgaming.com 


Will FlexKit be available through retail partners or internationally?

For now, FlexKit will only be available on gloriousgaming.com. Standard international shipping rates apply outside the US.

Are there guides on how to use it?
We have detailed user and video guides to help you use your FlexKit. There have also been multiple tutorials and tips posted by existing FlexKit users in our user forum.

We recommend experimenting with many different configurations until you find what you like!

Is FlexKit right for me?
The FlexKit is for any user who wants next-level options to fine-tune the sound and feeling of their GMMK PRO. It offers many possibilities beyond just flexibility.

It does require disassembling your current GMMK PRO (or putting one together from scratch), but we offer detailed guides to help you along the way.

If you like tinkering or want to get more hands-on with board customization you’ll love it!  

Can I use the standalone PCB with my existing GMMK PRO components?
The PCB included with the GMMK PRO FlexKit bundle is NOT compatible with existing aluminum plates. The only way this incompatibility would occur is if you try to use the standalone PCB included with the FlexKit bundle with an existing GMMK PRO’s stock aluminum plate.

Is this a limited release?
FlexKit initially has a limited stock. It may sell out quickly, and we cannot say at this time if/when we will re-order more inventory.

Why was it released to the Guild exclusively at first?
FlexKit is a very unique accessory. It is geared towards keyboard enthusiasts, and we made it in limited quantities. Our Guild community is full of enthusiasts who we knew would be able to experiment with FlexKit, give us valuable feedback, and find exciting ways to use it to its full potential. 


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