The Glorious Purge

The #GloriousPurge is here!

For the next two weeks, record yourselves destroying your old mouse pad and get a 50% promo code off ALL our mouse pads. The best purge video also wins a free Glorious Modular Mechanical RGB Keyboard.


The rules:

- Record yourself destroying your current mouse pad. Try to get creative.

- Make sure to state ""I am ___________ and I am destroying my mousepad for the Glorious Purge" - and fill the blank with any of your social media handles. This will keep people from stealing your video and claiming it as their own.

- Post your submission to our FacebookTwitter or Instagram with the hashtag #GloriousPurge, before June 1st.

- Note that shipping rates still apply to your order.


- You'll receive your 50% off Mouse Pads promo code, as a message to your social media account, the same day that you post your video.

- The winner of the Glorious Modular Mechanical RGB Keyboard will be announced two weeks from now, on the 1st of June - The end of the #GloriousPurge.