New Limited Edition KeyCapsules: GPBT Code Brew is Here!


Jun 04 2024

Announcing the latest limited edition Glorious KeyCapsules, Code BrewInspired by the wonderful world of coding, the latest KeyCapsules drop, Code Brew, is now available! 



GPBT Code Brew Now Available


Packed with coding Easter eggs, the Code Brew KeyCapsules is perfect for any coders looking to add a little coding flair to their keyboard. The dedicated coding-inspired keys include a nice hot cup of Jo, console.log, revert, import, and the all important, execute. 


Made from durable PBT polymer, the Code Brew keycaps incorporate a coding-inspired color scheme to really stand out. The PBT polymer, coupled with the dye-sublimated design, will ensure colors stay vibrant and keycaps shine free, no matter how many late night coding sessions they’re subjected to. The Code Brew KeyCapsule is exclusive to and is limited to 1000 sets worldwide.


With the previous KeyCapsule, Sketch, selling out in 48 hours, any programming fans wanting Code Brew will only have a limited time to Compile their thoughts and will need to Execute fast to secure their very own set. 


What code will you be writing first?


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