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GMMK PRO Polycarbonate Switch Plate

Fine-tune the sound and feel of your GMMK PRO. The polycarbonate switch plate accentuates the feel of your switches, creating a deeper, fuller thocky sound for a satisfyingly smooth typing experience.

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  • Flexible and soft typing feel
  • Produces a more “thocky” sound
  • Preferred for tactile and clicky switches
  • Semi-transparent for RGB shine-through
  • Compatible with: GMMK PRO
  • 1× Glorious Polycarbonate Switch Plate

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Optimize Your Typing Experience

Each switch plate material carries different properties of sound and feel which vary depending on your keyboard switch of choice.

Brass is strong and clacky, creating a more rigid typing surface for enhanced tactility.

Polycarbonate is lightweight and thocky, creating a softer typing experience. Semi-transparent for enhanced RGB effect.

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