Product Guide for PRO Mice 4k/8KHz



Getting Started


What's in the Box?

• 1× Glorious PRO 4K/8KHz Edition Gaming Mouse

• 1× USB-A to USB-C Ascended Charging Cable

• 1× 2.4GHz 4KHz Wireless Receiver USB

Glorious mice come with blue protective film on the G-Skates mouse feet in order to protect them. Ensure you remove these coverings before use.

Plug & Play

The 4K/8KHz versions of our PRO mice are plug-and-play through either their included receiver or cable, no software required. However, you will need to download the Glorious CORE software in order to set the polling rate higher than the 1,000Hz default.

The mouse must be plugged in to use the 8K polling rate, but can be used wirelessly at the 4K polling rate and below.

We recommend fully charging your mouse before using it for the first time in wireless mode. The mouse can be used normally in wired mode. Total charge time from zero to full battery is approximately 3 hours.

Plug the USB-A end of the Ascended cord into your PC and the USB-C end into the USB-C port located on the front of the mouse. The mouse will automatically install all necessary drivers.

Wireless USB Receiver

The 4KHz-capable receiver included with 4K/8KHz Edition mice plugs into the included USB-C cable. The receiver is paired with the mouse out of the box and should be kept at close range for optimal performance.

The USB-A end of the cable should be plugged directly into an open USB-port on the computer’s motherboard. Plugging the cable into a USB-port on the computer case or a USB hub could negatively affect performance at high polling rates.

System Requirements

• Available USB port

• Windows 7+, MacOS, Linux

The latest version of Windows 11 is recommended for polling rates higher than 1K.


Glorious CORE

Instructions for downloading Glorious CORE are available at the link below. CORE is required in order to set the mouse to a higher polling rate.

Glorious CORE allows you to create custom macros, rebind mouse functions, unlock the full RGB color palette, and save personalized DPI settings. Downloading CORE is recommended in order to update your mouse’s firmware and achieve the best possible experience. (Windows OS only)

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Glorious CORE Download

High Polling Rate Best Practices

Glorious CORE Software Recommendations

Disable Motion Sync when enabling 8,000 Hz polling. With this active, the mouse is not able to achieve consistent 8K polling. This is not the case for other polling rates.

Windows Recommendations

Update to the latest version. The Windows 11 Moment 3 (KB5027303) update is highly recommended at minimum as it optimizes performance for high report rate devices, like high polling rate mice.

Disable “Enhance Pointer Precision” in the Windows control panel. Go to ‘Bluetooth & devices” in the settings menu, click “Mouse,” click “Additional mouse settings,” then click “Pointer Options,” then deselect “Enhance pointer precision” then click “OK.”

End tasks using Task Manager. Shutting down non-essential tasks will free up the CPU’s resources

Other Operating Systems: While our PRO series mice will function in non-Windows OS, Windows is required to take full advantage of higher polling rates.

In-Game Recommendations

Make sure the game you’re playing supports higher polling rates. Check the game’s max-supported polling rate and adjust mouse settings accordingly via CORE.

In games that support higher polling rates, make sure the feature is enabled in the settings. For example, Valorant calls it “Raw Input Buffer” and Overwatch calls it “High Precision Mouse Input.”

Disable software that runs an overlay or injects kernel-level drivers. Closing programs like game launchers and anti-cheat software will help free up CPU resources.

Mouse Layout

The PRO mice have six buttons, including a pressable scroll wheel and two side buttons.

Default DPI Levels

The DPI Indicator on the bottom of the mouse will show a color to reflect which DPI level is currently active. Cycle through DPI levels by pressing the DPI Button located behind the scroll wheel.

DPI values, the default DPI level, and the colors used to indicate levels can be customized in Glorious CORE software

400 DPI


800 DPI


1600 DPI (Default)


3200 DPI



When the PRO mouse is low on power (below 7% battery), the LED indicator below the DPI button will blink red.

The battery level can be checked in wireless mode by pressing and holding the DPI button. The LED indicator will blink in the color corresponding to the battery level. This can be disabled by pressing and holding the DPI button again. Battery level can also be found in the Glorious CORE software.

0-25% Battery

Red LEDs

26-60% Battery

Orange LEDs

61-90% Battery

Yellow LEDs

91-100% Battery

Green LEDs

Product Specs

PRO Mice 4K/8KKHz


Model O 2 PRO 4K/8K: 59g
Model D 2 PRO 4K/8K: 62g


Glorious BAMF 2.0 Optical Sensor

Switch Type (Main Buttons)

Glorious Optical Switches Rated for 100 Million Clicks

Number of Buttons


Max Tracking Speed

650 IPS





Max Polling Rate

4000Hz (Wireless);
8000Hz (Wired)

Lift Off Distance

1-2 mm (Adjustable with Software)

1 mm Default

Debounce Time

4-16 ms (Adjustable with Software)

10 ms Default


USB 2.0;

2.4GHz Wireless

Battery Life

80 Hours (at 1000Hz Polling Rate);
35 Hours (at 4000Hz Polling Rate)

Reset to Factory Default

The PRO mice can be restored to factory settings by pressing and holding the left, right, and scroll click buttons for 5 seconds. The LED indicator under the DPI button will flash green to indicate that the settings are being reset.

This action will erase all custom profile information from the mouse.

Additional Links


Questions or concerns regarding your Glorious mouse can be directed to our support team.

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Important Notices

• 2-year limited manufacturer warranty

• Warranty does not cover damages resulting from opening the mouse.

• Keep out of reach of children below the age of 10.

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Registering your product extends the warranty by an additional year (free of charge) on eligible devices. To be eligible, register your device within 365 days of date of purchase.

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