How to Replace the Rotary Knob


Replace the Rotary Knob


Replacing a Rotary Knob is completely tool-free. It’s the perfect accessory for making a build more cohesive or adding a fun pop of contrast.


1. Brace the top right corner of the keyboard with one hand. Pull off the existing rotary knob with the other hand.

2. Look at the underside of the new rotary knob and observe how the plastic insert is positioned.

3. Align the indent on the bottom of the new knob with the stem on the keyboard.

4. Press the rotary knob firmly into place.

The new knob should easily go into place and will not require a great amount of force to be applied.

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Questions or concerns regarding your Glorious keyboard can be directed to our support team.

Note that Glorious is unable to offer comprehensive support for parts (switches, stabilizers, modding tools, etc.) purchased from other companies.

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Warranty Info

Important Notices

• 1-year limited manufacturer warranty  for Glorious Rotary Knobs
• Keep out of reach of children below the age of 10.

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Warranty Info