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May 11 2021

Comparing Our LIGHTWEIGHT Gaming Mice

You must consider a wide range of factors before finding the perfect mouse. Size, shape, and weight are all attributes that combine to potentially make or break your PC gaming experience - especially if you participate in fast-paced, competitive esports.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of our industry-leading line of ultra-lightweight gaming mice, so you can make the most informed buying decision possible.

The Model O family utilizes our debut ultra-lightweight, ambidextrous mouse design that took the industry by storm. Comfortable to use by both left and right-handed users, the Model O line can satisfy a wide range of PC gamer’s needs. These mice are more than qualified to exceed your expectations, from reflex-testing FPS titles to relaxing Minecraft sessions.

Variants of the Model O frame include the Model O- (Minus), which utilizes the same shape as the traditional Model O, but with reduced dimensions that comfortably fit small to medium hands. Additionally, the Model O Wireless is the same shape and size as the base Model O, but with added weight due to the innovative wireless sensor technology packed inside.

The Model D family of gaming mice keeps the supremely lightweight nature of the Model O but introduces a new right-handed, ergonomic frame. This design makes the Model D line perfect for extended gaming sessions by comfortably cradling your palm and reducing potential strain.

The Model D- (Minus) utilizes the same right-handed, ergonomic design as the base Model D, but with reduced dimensions to fit small to medium hands. Ergonomic designs can potentially be unwieldy if the frame is too large, so be sure to check out the D- if you feel the D is too large.


We hope this brief guide helped you come to a conclusion on which mouse is best for your needs. If possible, we suggest visiting a local retailer and seeing if they have any floor demos for you to test out. As important as the information listed above is, you never truly know a mouse until you get it in the hand. One thing we do know is that you can never go wrong with any of our lightweight gaming mice.