Meet GPBT Kabuto: The New Glorious KeyCapsules Drop


Jul 02 2024

Introducing the newest KeyCapsule limited edition, GPBT KabutoChannel your inner Samurai with the latest KeyCapsules inspired by Bushido, Kabuto.




Behind The Design


The latest KeyCapsules, GPBT Kabuto, is a 142 keycap set for both ANSI and ISO English, featuring Japanese Hiragana text, red accent keys, a set of 4 Kabuto and accompanying Mempo keycaps, and dual Chokutō on a red accent background for the enter key.

 The Hiragana legend and Samurai inspired designs are printed using dye-sublimation on PBT polymer keycaps, ensuring the Samurai-inspired icons stay as sharp as a sword. Colors will stay vibrant and keycaps will stay shine free whether you’re spending hours crafting Haikus or commanding your loyal warriors as a Shogun.

Kabuto is limited to 1000 sets worldwide and is available exclusively through Fans of the way of the warrior will need to strike fast to secure their very own Kabuto KeyCapsule and join the clan.

Get your Kabuto KeyCapsules and pledge your allegiance to Glorious KeyCapsules.


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