Glorious Launches KeyCapsules: A New Limited Edition Keycap Sets Program


May 07 2024

KeyCapsules series is the first launch in Glorious’ highly anticipated rollout of a new, customizable hardware ecosystem that emphasizes quality and gamers’ styles 

DALLAS – May 7, 2024 – Glorious, a gaming peripherals company, has launched a new program featuring monthly limited-edition keycaps drops called KeyCapsules. The KeyCapsules series is a testament to Glorious’ pioneering spirit and its dedication to the gaming community's diverse tastes and preferences. By introducing a new set the first Tuesday of each month, Glorious is offering gamers and enthusiasts the opportunity to customize their gaming setups with designs that reflect their personal style and passion for gaming.

First Limited-edition Drop Is Bold, Illustrative GPBT Sketch

A signature design where art meets gaming, GPBT Sketch is the first in the KeyCapsules series. With only 1,000 sets crafted, it’s available first-come, first-served starting on May 7. Doodling, sketching and scribbling are fundamental acts of creativity. Inspired by that love, GPBT Sketch features bold colors and an illustrative vibe. The 138-key set is compatible with most keyboards, including Mac.

No Ordinary Keycaps 

Quality and style at an affordable price are paramount to Glorious. KeyCapsules aren’t your ordinary keycaps. Crafted with premium materials, the PBT polymer offers a subtle texture and satisfying acoustics, whether you’re typing or gaming. The printed legends won’t fade over time. Each monthly set is designed for the discerning enthusiast who wants to express their personality with eye-catching aesthetics, while enjoying a rich typing experience. 

Series Highlights

PC gamers who cherish the competitive edge — and anyone who wants to bring one-of-a-kind excitement to their gaming and desk setups — will enjoy this fresh, unique series, with highlights including:


  • - Exclusivity: Each KeyCapsules design is available in a limited edition of 500 – 1000 sets, making each release a collectible.  
  • - Craftsmanship: Utilizing PBT Polymer and dye-sub printing, the KeyCapsules series guarantees durability and precision in every key cap.
  • - Unique Designs: Each design is one of a kind, created by the Glorious in-house design team or in conjunction with artists, brand partners and influencers.   
  • - Universal Compatibility: The KeyCapsules are designed to fit most standard keyboard switches and layouts, including PC and Mac keys.  
  • - Monthly Excitement: New and exciting designs are slated for release on the first Tuesday of each month, with the first 24 hours reserved for those signed up for KeyCapsules drops.  


“With the KeyCapsules launch, we're not just releasing key caps — we're inviting gamers to join us on a journey of discovery and personal expression. Each set is a canvas for individuality, designed to inspire and elevate the gaming experience,” said Pat Wachendorf, CEO, of Glorious. 


The limited edition KeyCapsules series marks a natural progression of Glorious’ celebrated work and pioneering spirit that delivered the GMMK, the world’s first fully modular mechanical keyboard. The company has advanced hotswap keyboard and accessory innovation with its pro-grade gear for ergonomic comfort, performance, and customization.


Get Early Access to Each Month’s Special Edition Release 

Sign up now for exclusive access to the KeyCapsules series, with a limited-edition new release dropping on the first Tuesday of each month.


Each set features a signature design and maintains the same high-quality build gamers, collectors, and enthusiasts expect. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!


Visit the Glorious website for more information on the KeyCapsules series. 

About Glorious

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