How to Install the GMMK Numpad South-Facing PCB


Install the GMMK Numpad South-Facing PCB


This south-facing PCB for the GMMK Numpad prevents interference while typing regardless of keycap shape. South-oriented RGB LEDs ensure proper clearance for Cherry and other profiles.

What's in the Box?
• 1× South-facing GMMK Numpad PCB
• 6× Screws

Tools Needed
• Phillips #00 Screwdriver
• Sorting Dishes for Screws (optional)


1. Unplug the Numpad and keep it unplugged throughout this process. Ensure the switch on the bottom is positioned to "Off."

2. Remove all switches, keycaps, the rotary knob, and slider.

3. Remove the 4 screws on the bottom of the keyboard using a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

4. Carefully separate the bottom chassis from the rest of the keyboard, ensuring that the wire connecting the USB-C PCB to the main PCB is not damaged.

5. Hold the chassis in place close to the rest of the keyboard and unplug the USB-C PCB from the main PCB.

6. Separate the main PCB and the switch plate from the top shell. The top shell is screwed onto the bottom chassis and should come off without any resistance

7. Unscrew the 6 screws that hold the main PCB and the switch plate together. Remove the switch plate foam.

8. Replace the PCB and screw it back into the switch plate.

9. Reassemble the rest of the keyboard by plugging back in the USB-C PCB (ensuring correct orientation), placing the switch plate foam on top of the new PCB, and replacing the top plate and bottom chassis.

10. Reinstall the switches, keycaps, rotary knob, and slider.

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Questions or concerns regarding your Glorious keyboard can be directed to our support team.

Note that Glorious is unable to offer comprehensive support for third-party firmware or parts (switches, keycaps, stabilizers, etc.) purchased from other companies.

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Important Notices
• 1-year limited manufacturer warranty
• Warranty does not cover damages resulting from opening the keyboard.
• Small objects could be swallowed.
• Keep out of reach of children below the age of 10.

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