Product Guide - GMMK PRO Keyboard



Getting Started


What's in the Box?

• 1× GMMK PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

• 1× 6 ft (1.83 m) Braided USB Cable

• 1× Switch Puller Tool

• 1× Keycap Puller Tool

Note: Barebones keyboards do not include switches or keycaps.

Prebuilt Edition

The GMMK PRO Prebuilt comes with Glorious linear Fox Switches (pre-lubed) and GPBT keycaps already installed, as well as a black coiled cable and stealth wrist rest.

Plug & Play

Connect the keyboard to an available USB port and the keyboard will automatically install all necessary drivers.

System Requirements

• Available USB port

• Windows 7+, MacOS, Linux


Glorious CORE

Instructions for downloading Glorious CORE are available at the link below. CORE is not required to use the GMMK PRO, but is needed to unlock a fully customizable experience - set keybinds, create custom macros, access more lighting effects, and save personalized keyboard profiles. (Windows OS only)

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Glorious CORE Software Download


The GMMK PRO is fully compatible with QMK Firmware.

Keyboard Layout

The GMMK PRO layout is similar to a tenkeyless (TKL) format with some differences.

• 3× 1u keys to the right of the spacebar for Alt, Fn, and Ctrl.

• R1, R2, R3, and R4 keycaps for Del, PgUp, PgDn, and End by default. The function of each can be reassigned using Glorious CORE or QMK just like any other key.

• 1.75u Shift key below the enter key to allow space for the arrow key cluster.

• A rotary knob in the top right corner which can be rebound to different functions.

Top down view of a White Ice GMMK PRO keyboard with Arctic White GPBT keycaps

How to Use

Hotkey Index

Primary Hotkeys

My Computer

FN + F1


FN + F7

Web Browser

FN + F2


FN + F8


FN + F3


FN + F9

Media Player

FN + F4

Volume Down

FN + F10

Previous Track

FN + F5

Volume Up

FN + F11

Next Track

FN + F6

Other Commands

Restore Factory Default Settings

FN + ESC then F1 + F3 + F5

(Hold for 10 Seconds)

Enable/Disable Windows Key

FN + Win

Cycle Profiles


FN + CTRL + [↑]


FN + CTRL + [↓]

Cycle Layers


FN + CTRL + ALT + [↑]


FN + CTRL + ALT + [↓]

Adjust Latency


FN + D + 1


FN + D + 3

16ms (Default)

FN + D + 5

RGB LED Commands

Change Lighting Effect


FN + [↑]


FN + [↓]

Change LED Brightness


FN + W


FN + S

Change Lighting Effect Speed


FN + [←]


FN + [→]

Cycle LED Colors

(if applicable for current effect)

FN + X

Cycle Active RGB Zone

FN + 1

How to Build

Changing Switches & Keycaps

The GMMK PRO is a mechanical keyboard featuring hot-swappable sockets. It is recommended to use Glorious switches with your keyboard for optimal compatibility. However, the GMMK PRO is also compatible with a variety of standard keyboard switches, including Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh branded switches.

A detailed how-to for hot-swapping switches and changing keycaps can be found here:

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Switches & Keycaps Guide

More Customization Options

The GMMK PRO is meant to be customized to allow you to create your perfect keyboard.

Guides for replacing the top frame, switch plate, rotary knob, and more can be found here:

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GMMK PRO Customization Guides

Product Specs




82 Keys (ANSI) plus Pressable Rotary Encoder;

83 Keys (ISO) plus Pressable Rotary Encoder


13” x 5.3” x 1.3” (332 x 134.8 x 32 mm)


3.3 lb (1.51 kg)

Typing Angle

Body Material

CNC-Machined Anodized Aluminum

Mounting Style

Gasket Mount

Switch Sockets

5-Pin Hotswap; South-facing


USB-C 2.0

Additional Links


Questions or concerns regarding your Glorious keyboard can be directed to our support team.

Note that Glorious is unable to offer comprehensive support for third party firmware or parts (switches, keycaps, stabilizers, etc.) purchased from other companies.

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Important Notices

• 2-year limited manufacturer warranty

• Warranty does not cover damages resulting from opening the keyboard.

• Keep out of reach of children below the age of 10.

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View Full Warranty Info

Product Registration

Registering your product extends the warranty by an additional year (free of charge) on eligible devices. To be eligible, register your device within 365 days of date of purchase.

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