Wrist Rests Buying Guide - Give Your Wrists the Comfort and Support They Deserve

Using a keyboard (or a mouse) for hours on end, you're most likely subjecting your wrists to extreme discomfort. Our wrist rests can put a stop to that.

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Sep 10 2017

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Even though wrist rests have been getting much more attention lately, we believe they deserve way more credit. Why? It's simple - when using a keyboard (or a mouse) for hours on end, every single day, you're most likely subjecting your wrists to extreme discomfort. What's even worse, you might not even be aware of it at first.

And yet, the risk is there; sooner or later, your wrists will suffer from stress injuries, or worst-case scenario, a carpal tunnel syndrome. Naturally, the most obvious way to protect yourself is taking regular breaks when gaming (or working) on your computer. But if you call yourself a hardcore gamer, like us, "taking breaks" is not even worthy of consideration.

At Glorious, we're perfectly aware of this. That's why we did our research and hit the gaming market with our very own wrist rests - the perfect gear for all your extended gaming sessions. Featuring a foam core interior, wrapped in a smooth cloth surface, and reinforced with dual locked stitched edges, every Glorious wrist rest will feel like a blessing for your wrists.

Glorious Foam Wrist Rests for ultimate comfort

By this point, you've probably checked out the wrists rests we offer. You might be wondering which one to pick. If that's the case, here's how we can help you make a decision:

 Type  Glorious Mouse Wrist Rest Glorious Keyboard Wrist Rest
Color Black Black
Size 4x8in (10x20cm) *12x4in (30x10cm), **14x4in (36x10cm), ***17.5x4in (43x10cm)
Thickness 17mm 17mm, 25mm

*recommended for compact keyboards
**recommended for TKL keyboards
***recommended for full-size keyboards

When it comes to choosing the thickness, there's no right or wrong. It entirely depends on your personal preference, although you might want to consider getting 17mm if you have a low-profile mechanical keyboard or a non-mechanical one. Also, gamers using their keyboards flat (feet down) should opt for 17mm. But again, you'll be making a good choice if you go with 25mm, too (especially if you're using your keyboard angled).

Glorious wrist rests

No matter what you end up ordering, remember that all our wrist rests have dual locked stitched edges that prevent fraying or peeling of the surface and rubber base. And of course, said rubber base means your wrist rest will never move while you're using it.

Wooden Wrist Rests For Maximum Stability

Still not happy with our wrist rest products? Then, our wooden wrist rest production line might be more up your alley. Each wooden wrist rest is made of solid White Ash wood providing excellent support for your gaming mouse and keyboard. Coated with a unique polish that provides a smooth surface for sliding your palms around and is resistant to erosion from sweat and oils.

Type  Wooden Mouse Wrist Rest Wooden Keyboard Wrist Rest
Color Golden Оak, Onyx Golden Оak, Onyx
Size 8x4in (20x10cm) *12x4in (30x10cm), **14x4in (36x10cm), ***17.5x4in (43x10cm)
Thickness 19mm 19mm

 *recommended for compact keyboards
**recommended for TKL keyboards
***recommended for full-size keyboards

So, what's it gonna be? Will you go for ultimate comfort (foam wrist rests)? Or you prefer maximum stability (wooden wrist rests)? We leave it up to you.