5 Essential Tricks to Improve Your Mechanical Keyboard

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Jun 03 2021

Congratulations, you have just received your first mechanical keyboard. A creative community filled with exploration awaits you. One of the most exciting aspects of the hobby includes modifying your board to improve its sound, feel, and aesthetics. With some time and effort, you can genuinely make any board your own. Follow the tricks below to begin improving your mechanical keyboard experience - you’ll thank us later.

1) Swap Your Keycaps

The world of mechanical keyboard keycaps is an exciting one. A wide variety of materials, colors, fonts, shapes, and more open limitless possibilities when improving your keyboard. Want a more reserved, classic look? Look no further than a clean set of white or black keycaps. Are you seeking some flair? Check out our line of GPBT keycaps, which are available in a bevy of beautiful gradients sure to complement your style. Why settle for just one set? Switch out your keycaps for holidays, season changes, special events, and more!

2) Add O-Rings

As more and more people move back to the office, it is important to consider your coworkers when using your board. You love the tactile feel of mechanical keyboards, but the sound may turn heads in the workspace. O-Rings are tiny rubber bands that you install underneath each keycap. These little gaskets cushion the action when your keycap strikes the keyboard’s plate, reducing the sound and creating a softer feel. O-Rings let you enjoy your mechanical keyboard in all its glory without being the bane of your coworkers - it’s a win-win!


3) Customize Your Board With Software

Improving your mechanical keyboard goes much deeper than just hardware. All of our GMMK keyboards are customizable using a powerful software suite dedicated to giving you complete control of lighting, shortcuts, keymapping, and more. This customization process is as simple or complex as you please, and we suggest playing around with settings to find exactly what you need.

4) Install New Switches

Similar to keycaps, switches can be easily removed and installed with minimal effort on GMMK mechanical keyboards. Swapping out the switches that came with your board drastically changes its feel and sound, and we encourage exploring a wide range of options. Scared to commit to an entire board filled with new switches? Start with swapping out WASD or your modifier keys to ease the transition. Installing new switches is an entertaining and exciting way to improve your mechanical keyboard drastically.

5) Lube Your Switches

This trick is a little more intensive than the ones listed above, but the reward is highly gratifying. Compared to stock switches, lubed switches provide an improved, incredibly smooth typing experience that you need to feel to believe. The lubing process may be daunting at first, but using the right tools and watching a few video tutorials will make you an expert in no time. Once you use lubed switches, you will never want to go back.