How to Install Switches & Keycaps


Install Switches & Keycaps

Overview of Switches

What is "Hot-Swappable?"

All GMMKs are hot-swappable keyboards, which means you are able to pop out switches just like keycaps in order to mix & match or test out switches as desired.

Learn more about hot-swappable mechanical keyboards:

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Mechanical Keyboard Basics

Mechanical Switch Requirements

GMMK models are designed to work with Glorious, Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh brand switches. It is recommended to use Glorious switches for optimal compatibility. Zealio switches (plate mounted) also work with the GMMK PRO.

Other MX-based switches may be compatible with GMMK models, but their fit on the keyboard will be loose or tighter than normal. GMMK models are not compatible with low-profile switches.

Learn more about mechanical keyboard switches:

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Mechanical Keyboard Switch Basics

SMD-LED Compatible Switches

For the best LED performance, SMD-LED switches such as Glorious Raptors or those made by Gateron are recommended. A non-LED switch will block the keyboard backlight function.

How to Change Switches and Keycaps

If you are only looking to swap your keycaps, you can skip steps 2 through 4 below.

If you are changing your switches, you will need to remove your keycaps as well.

Tools Needed
• Keycap Puller
• Switch Puller
• Tweezers

1. Remove Keycaps

Use the keycap puller tool to grip a keycap and pull upwards to detach. Sometimes, the switch may come out as well if the keycap is tightly affixed to the switch.

For the spacebar, gently pull up the right side of the keycap, then the left.

2. Remove Switches

Use the switch puller tool to push in the two tabs located on the top and bottom sides of the switch. Once pushed in, pull upwards to remove the switch from the keyboard case.

Use caution when removing switches to prevent scratches to the keyboard case.

3. Readjust Pins (as needed)

Ensure the switch to be inserted is compatible with the GMMK (see requirements above). Examine the copper pins on the bottom of the switch to ensure they are perfectly straight.

Pins may be bent due to shipping and can be easily straightened out with tweezers or small pliers (included in our switch boxes).

4. Insert Switches

Align copper switch pins with the holes on the GMMK keyboard case. Insert by pushing straight down. There should be minimal resistance and the switch should click into the keyboard frame.

If the switch does not light up or register in a text editor when pressed, then it is not inserted properly. Remove the switch and ensure the pins are straight, then insert again.

5. Place Keycaps

Align the keycap with the switch stem and press straight down to insert.

For longer keys, like the spacebar, press down on each side to ensure the keycap is fully seated.

Glorious keycaps are compatible with MX-style switches, including all Glorious switches.

Helpful Hints

• Place your keyboard on a softer surface, like a desk pad, to reduce the chance of bending switch pins during installation.

• Have a text editor open on your PC to ensure new switches work when pressed after installation.

• Set the LED mode on the GMMK to a reactive setting in CORE (ripple graph, pass without trace, or fast run without trace) and the switches should provide LED feedback when pressed after installation.

• It is safe to swap switches while the keyboard is plugged into your PC, though you may want to unplug it if you are swapping many of your switches.

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Questions or concerns regarding your Glorious keyboard, switches, or keycaps can be directed to our support team.

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Note that Glorious is unable to offer comprehensive support for third party firmware or parts (switches, keycaps, stabilizers, etc.) purchased from other companies.